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    • 10 Team 1PPR what two would you keep
      Roddy White as a 1st round pick
      Hakeem Nicks at a 4th round pick
      Ahmad Bradshaw at a 8th round pick
      Sidney Rice at a 14th round pick
      Vincent Jackson at a 14th round pick
      Josh Freeman at a 13th round pick


    • Just got the number 1 pick in my 14 team PPR league. What do people think/see most people currently doing in this format?

    • i just drafted and would like u to rate my team,8 team 1st pick standard league:

      qb- peyton manning
      rb-arian foster,frank gore
      wr-desean jackson,vincent jackson,wes welker
      te-jimmy graham
      w/r-ryan matthews
      bench-tony romo,mark ingram,ryan torain,michael bush,mike thomas,kenny britt
      k-stephen gostkowski

      • 1 Reply to Phil
      • Seen much stronger teams in 8 man leagues but it's not bad. Your starters are solid (hopefully Gore stays healthy this year) but your bench is full of IFs.

        Ingram can have a solid season IF he performs like he's valued and PT / Sproles don't steal to many touches.
        Torain and Bush can put up decent points IF their counterparts (Helu and DMC) go down or disappoint.

        Look for some FAs that you can depend on if one of your starters goe down or faces a tough defense. The only player you can say that about is Romo.

        I'd get rid of Torain and Thomas mainly. Ingram has enough potential value to hold on to for sure and with DMC injury history, Bush can sit there for a few weeks into the season.

    • Giove me an outlook on my draft/team. Rate me 1-10. Its a PPR .5 per reception, 25 pass yds per pt, 15 receiving/10 yds rushing per pt, all TDs are 6 including pass TDs.
      I had the 6th pick in a 10 man league, here was my draft:

      1:Jamaal Charles (He dropped to me only because Vick and Rodgers were taken in top 5)
      2:Andre Johnson (Again people took Manning and Brees, and I scored a miracle in the 2nd round)
      3:Michael Turner(Hes getting old, but in the third round how can you go wrong)
      4:Antonio Gates(Its like having a number 1 WR)
      5:Ryan Matthews(I think he will blow up this year)
      6:Wes Welker(PPR Stud so glad he was still there)
      7:Johnathan STewart(Im not a big fan of him and Dwilliams sharing carries but in the 7th rd how could I pass)
      8:Brandon Marshall(Bounce back in my opinion)
      Eli Manning, Roy Williams, Beanie Wells, Malcolm Floyd, Danny woodhead, NYGiants defense

      So this is my starting squad, no flex, 1 qb 2bs 3 wrs 1 te def kick
      QB:Eli Manning
      RB:Jamaal Charles
      RB:Michael Turner
      WR1:Andre Johnson
      WR2:Wes Welker
      WR3:Brandon Marshall
      TE:Antonio Gates
      Kicker:(Not picked yet)

      RB:Ryan Matthews
      RB:Beanie Wells
      RB:Johnathan STewart
      WR:Malcolm Floyd
      WR:Roy Williams

      • 1 Reply to Adam S
      • I give it a 8. Charles is a great steal at 6 and although Turners value drops in PPR, 3 round is a good pick as well.

        The one thing I will nitpick at is Eli at QB. Not terrible, but I'd look to pick up a solid backup. If someone like Freeman or Bradford is available scoop them up.

        Really like your bench aside from woodhead. Unlikely he'll see any playing time on your team unless GBE goes down. See if CJ Spiller or Rashad Jennings is available. They're backups but they also have high ceilings if they get action.

    • plz rate my draft
      1. (2) Adrian Peterson RB
      2. (19) Frank Gore RB
      3. (22) Tom Brady QB
      4. (39) Vincent Jackson WR
      5. (42) Brandon Lloyd WR
      6. (59) Vernon Davis TE
      7. (62) Kenny Britt WR
      8. (79) Sidney Rice WR
      9. (82) Michael Crabtree WR
      10. (99) A.J. Green WR
      11. (102) Ben Roethlisberger QB
      12. (119) Rob Gronkowski TE
      13. (122) LaDainian Tomlinson RB
      14. (139) Mike Thomas WR
      15. (142) Stephen Gostkowski K
      16. (159) New York DEF
      17. (162) Ricky Williams RB

      • 1 Reply to cody m
      • You have your work cut out for you. Assuming standard scoring (or at least close to it) I'd say this is below average for a 10 team league.

        You really hurt yourself drafting 6 wrs in 7 picks and most of them can't be relied on as starters.

        Lloyd - unlikely he repeats last years numbers with Mcdaniels gone and Fox in.
        Britt - On a bad team where CJ is the #1 option
        Rice - Similar to Britt, on a bad team but doesn't have a QB throwing to him.
        Crabtree - Injury risk and is now the #4 option on the team behind Edwards, Gore and Davis.
        Green - Rookie on a terrible team, likely to have fellow rookie Andy Dalton throwing to him.

        You better hope AP and Gore stay healthy all season and each have big years like they are fully capable of cuz LT and Williams on the bench won't help you if either goes down.

        If I were you, I'd shop Brady and Lloyd for a better WR and some RB depth. See if guys anyone like Sims-Walker, Amendola, Roy Williams, Rashad Jennings, CJ Spiller are available on FA. Some of them aren't being drafted in 10 team leagues and all have high potential this season. Keep your eyes peeled for the FA steals this season cuz you're gonna need the help unfortunately.


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