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  • Cody Cody Aug 8, 2011 8:09 PM Flag

    maclin or dez bryant

    Guy offered me maclin for dez straight up. Who will have bigger year.

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    • I like Maclin, but his health situation scares me. I think Dez is too much for a situation like Maclin's. Don't get me wrong, I like Maclin this year, but I would rather draft him at a discount after people start worrying about him instead of trading equal talent for him.

    • i'd go maclin if i knew he was healthy. michael lombardi reported a couple of weeks ago that he's had a viral infection that some say is mono...and that he's lost 20 pounds due to this illness. eagles are denying this today as he came to training camp, but they're doing medical tests as wel...so, who the hell knows at this point. if not pressed to make a decision right now...i'd certainly monitor maclin's condition before thinking of drafting him before dez.

    • I'd say Maclin, its close so tough to say. Maclin going into 3rd year when it all seems to come together for most WRs and Bryant up against the proverbial sophmore slump. These are great logical reasons but all I can think to go by being so close. If any return yards are awarded to returner as well as D/SpTeams then of course Dez wins by a land slide


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