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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 7, 2011 11:41 AM Flag

    PPR Drafting Strategy? Help

    You should be able to see the scoring for that league for last year. How did qbs score compared to wr/rbs in the league. If one was superior to the other you have your answer.

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    • Based on last year The better Qb's were the best ( rodgers, Brady)

      How dumb would it be to draft 2 qb's with my first 2 picks?

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      • Wouldn't be a bad idea esp if you can get two studs like that. But remember in PPR the key is getting as many backs who can catch the ball since they're a rare commodity. I don't have the number, but I'm willing to bet the number of backs who rush for close to 1000 or more yards and catch 50 or more balls is pretty small.

        I'd load up on guys like Rice, Charles, McCoy, MJD etc over two QB's. Plus QB's in a PPR format are sometimes taken out of the game depending on the situation. So you might have a Brady or a Rodgers who is handing off or making little dump passes that isn't helping you much.

        Either way I don't think you can go wrong with your strategy or my suggestion.


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