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    I just drafted this team and am always up for making some improvements. Can you please let me know what you think of my team and where I can improve. It's a 12 team H2H league (public league so normal categories).

    QB - Ben Roethlisberger
    WR - Calvin Johnson
    WR - Anquan Boldin
    WR - Santana Moss
    RB - Maurice Jones-Drew
    RB - Stephen Jackson
    TE - Vernon Davis
    K - Sebastian Janikowski
    DEF - Philadelphia
    BN - Eli Manning
    BN - Pierre Thomas
    BN - Michael Crabtree
    BN - Kellen Winslow
    BN - Garrett Hartley
    BN - New Orleans

    All advice is appreciated, thank you in advance!

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    • Drop your 2nd DEF NO....if and when you need to sit Philly you can easily pick up a FA team for the week you need and maintain a similar production level...and you even get lucky if that substitute DEF you chose has a great week....look at their opponent that week when eval who to choose.

    • Haha. You are getting bad advice. Your team is really good for a 12 team league. I'd be really happy with that team. I'm assuming you drafted late in the first round and took C. Johnson, but don't know how you pulled off getting MJD and S. Jax in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. You definitely need to get rid of the backup K and Def. No need for those as you can pick those weekly by matchup.....add depth while you can, especially at RB as you do have to worry about injuries

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      • It's a 10 team league, not 12. I'm used to hockey, basketball and baseball where public leagues are 12 teams. I had the last pick (#10) so I took MJD in the first round and C. Johnson in the second and S-Jax in the third. I'm not satisfied with my receivers but I'm sure there will be players with breakout years just like every year that I could add.

    • drop the def and kicker and try to get sleepers at WR. Such as sims walker or plax with jets or whoever. try to improve your wrs anyway possible. Heck I have lee evans as a sleeper due to poss one year wonder in johnson

    • i think you have a decent team ur wide outs could use some help but you should be alright you might wanna look an see if you could pick up julio jones fromm atlanta hes gonna have a great year plus steven jackson could never stay healthy hopefully he does good luck

    • Do you think it's best I trade S-Jax for someone like Ahmad Bradshaw or somebody else (if possible)? Also, I thought about proposing Big Ben for Matt Ryan as well I would like to get rid of one of Boldin or Moss, which is best to get rid of? Lastly, do you think Pierre Thomas can be of any help at RB, especially since he says he's at 85%? Thanks a lot for the help.

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      • I would try going for something bigger than Bradshaw.Forte,Gore,Mendenhall and Blount would be my first options.

        I don't know Big Ben is good but i believe Ryan is set to have a great year.A guy who is set to have a big year who i think you could get for Big Ben is Freeman.

        I would stick with Boldin.I don't really trust Beck can be a good QB that's the main reason.

        Search for an other 3rd back.Ingram is the starter in NO and they also got Sproles so i don't think they re gonna push Thomas

    • Honestly not a championship team anquan boldin is like a tier 3 reciever and santana moss is a tier 4 reciever and big ben is like a tier 3 qb mjd is decent calvin johnson too

    • It's not bad but i would suggest getting one more decent RB.MJD had a surgery and S-Jax is declining(tho he s still a beast).


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