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  • igo igo Aug 6, 2011 12:08 PM Flag


    I would try going for something bigger than Bradshaw.Forte,Gore,Mendenhall and Blount would be my first options.

    I don't know Big Ben is good but i believe Ryan is set to have a great year.A guy who is set to have a big year who i think you could get for Big Ben is Freeman.

    I would stick with Boldin.I don't really trust Beck can be a good QB that's the main reason.

    Search for an other 3rd back.Ingram is the starter in NO and they also got Sproles so i don't think they re gonna push Thomas

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    • I like your idea of getting Freeman, but I don't think he's starter worthy. And who is this Blount guy? I know he did well towards the end of last season but I didn't realize he was the starter going into this year. Also, I think Ingram is going to flop as RB. Yes, I think he's good but I don't think he's going to be able to do well being the rookie that he is. There are a few good RBs that are free agents (best available are Daniel Thomas, Fred Jackson and Ronnie Brown). I am a big Dolphins fan but have been on vacation for the past month. Who's the starting RB on the Phins, Bush or Thomas? Bradford is also a FA so do you think it's worth risking my QB position on Bradford and Freeman. And trade big ben for a good RB in Pierre Thomas' place?


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