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  • Jonathan M Jonathan M Aug 6, 2011 11:42 AM Flag


    Do you think it's best I trade S-Jax for someone like Ahmad Bradshaw or somebody else (if possible)? Also, I thought about proposing Big Ben for Matt Ryan as well I would like to get rid of one of Boldin or Moss, which is best to get rid of? Lastly, do you think Pierre Thomas can be of any help at RB, especially since he says he's at 85%? Thanks a lot for the help.

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    • I would try going for something bigger than Bradshaw.Forte,Gore,Mendenhall and Blount would be my first options.

      I don't know Big Ben is good but i believe Ryan is set to have a great year.A guy who is set to have a big year who i think you could get for Big Ben is Freeman.

      I would stick with Boldin.I don't really trust Beck can be a good QB that's the main reason.

      Search for an other 3rd back.Ingram is the starter in NO and they also got Sproles so i don't think they re gonna push Thomas

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      • I like your idea of getting Freeman, but I don't think he's starter worthy. And who is this Blount guy? I know he did well towards the end of last season but I didn't realize he was the starter going into this year. Also, I think Ingram is going to flop as RB. Yes, I think he's good but I don't think he's going to be able to do well being the rookie that he is. There are a few good RBs that are free agents (best available are Daniel Thomas, Fred Jackson and Ronnie Brown). I am a big Dolphins fan but have been on vacation for the past month. Who's the starting RB on the Phins, Bush or Thomas? Bradford is also a FA so do you think it's worth risking my QB position on Bradford and Freeman. And trade big ben for a good RB in Pierre Thomas' place?


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