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  • ClamChowdah ClamChowdah Aug 3, 2011 8:32 AM Flag

    Make a tough call for me..please!!

    I can keep 2 guys, but I lose their draft spot as well.

    12 team league, standard roster/scoring. 11th pick, non snaking draft for first 3 rounds.

    Ray Rice (1st rd)
    Arian Foster ( 5th rd) obviously I'm keeping him
    Vincent Jackson (9th rd)
    Mike Williams TB (14th rd)
    L.Blount (10th)

    On paper my first impression was go with Foster/Rice, not a bad way to start, but with my 2nd rd pick I will be in the Dez Bryant are for my WR#1. Should I roll the dice with Blount in the 10th, retaining my 1st rd pick and take a stud WR?

    Im so confused.

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    • keep foster and rice two top 5 rbs not a bad foundation. No way you could ever come away with both rice and foster even in an auction league. Keep the rbs and take the best wrs available. Easy call bro.

    • i'm not even going to read your post. getting advise is one thing...asking for others to make the tough call for you...totally diffferent. get in the habit of making your own decisions. what you're asking is for sissies, one...and secondly...who the hell wants to win on the basis of mommie and daddy holding your hand and making sure you don't fall down. win or lose on your own...

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      • Lookie here my fella fantasy brother...there are thousands of posters on here who all love fantasy football...they give advice because it's fun...fun...get it??

        What people do with the advice is their own choice. Dont take things so serious ok? Would it make you happier if it said the word "advice" like the other 100 posts, like that makes a difference?

        Not to mention you stated you "wont read my post" yet you waste your time with WRITING A MSSG...you obviously are just mad at life... Its FANTASY football chat rooms bro, loosen up a bit huh.


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