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  • TC TC Jul 23, 2011 2:46 PM Flag

    lloyd vs. davis

    You can try ward AJ's right he's about done but I doubt he will give up either one of those TE's for ward

    • Let me rephrase, if you try Ward, not only will the owner not accept it, you'll make them prefer not to trade with you.

      Offering Ward is like saying: "I think you're a moron and I'm going to try to scam you." If you want the other owners to entertain your trade offers, you have to put forth at least minimal respect towards them.

      Llyod is a very good trade option for you because most do not expect him to repeat what he did last year. This lowers his value, but this lowered value is offset because the other owner is desperate for a WR. To him, Lloyd will be worth the gamble.

      As far as Ward, he can pick up a player of that value off of waivers.


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