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  • Bulldozier1963 Bulldozier1963 Jul 21, 2011 9:06 PM Flag

    What Happened Here?

    I am new to fantasy, so need some advice for positioning my team. Autodrafted.

    Normal Yahoo league, with standard stats:

    QB: Ryan
    WR: Lloyd
    WR: Boldin
    WR: M. Clayton
    RB: Mendenhal
    RB: Charles
    TE: Zach Miller OAK
    W/T: Ochocinco
    W/R: Moreno
    W/R/T: Bradshaw
    Q/W/R/T: Matthews
    BN: Ryan Grant
    BN: B. Jacobs
    DEF: DAL
    DEF: OAK
    K: Crosby

    Think I need another QB and TE. I can probably lose R. Grant as I am deep at RB. Ryan Fitz (QB) is available. Also, do I need to improve at WR? Not sure about Mark Clayton...

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    • don't dump clayton until the FA and preseason is over. get rid of your defense and kicker as they are a week to week decision, then grab anyone in FA that can help you and wait until the season starts.

      clayton has good chemistry with bradford
      lance moore will get bigger role with r bush gone

    • 1) yes pick up Fitz now. Traditionally you would want to start 2 QB's if given the option and he is better than some QB's that were almost assuredly taken before him.
      2) Clayton was one of Bradfors favorites last year before injury. With McDaniels as OC, STL could see alot of passing so he may be worth keeping.
      3) If you are looking to upgrade WR via trade, I'd be more apt to trade from the mid to top of my RB's instead of the bottom otherwise you do very little to actually improve the situation at WR. I would first try to see what you could get for Matthews, Moreno or Bradshaw and go from there.

    • Ya auto-draft messed you up.
      Was this a mock draft or the real thing?

    • One other thought: if you want more than 2 new slots, drop both DSTs. Neither figures to be strong and, like kicker, you have no need for a DST until games start. By then you will have a better idea of where your players stand and can drop or trade to create roster room. DSTs and kickers are THE unimportant ffb slots.

    • Pretty standard a/p draft. Too many non-essential ingredients: rid yourself of one of the DSTs (either one as both figure to be very middle of the road), no, there's no need to back up your TE, & you have no need for a kicker until the season starts so you can use that spot to add some WR or QB depth. You have an extraordinary # of RBs but it's far from clear who is expendable so take your time before trimming. See who starts and has lead roles. My hunch is Moreno will be a cull and all the others will have value for trades. But there's no rush: cornering the RB market gives you trading value.

      Yes, you need a backup QB and you need WR help. I wouldn't cut any WRs for now. 85 may land a role somewhere and Clayton may well be the lead WR for the Rams in what promises to be a potent passing attack. You will know where 85 and Clayton land very soon and can decide then.

    • definately dump Clayton and sign L.Moore. definately. You need another QB but not another TE. After the top 4 or 5, TEs are all the same, you can get one in a pinch 5 minutes before kickoff if you have to. so no need to backup TE. Get a QB, I would drop 1 of your defenses,and get Fitzpatrick. Then try to shuffle your lineup so that Fitzpatrick is your Q/R/W/T player. QBs tend to score the most points. You should be competitive if you do that, then keep your eyes open as the season goes along for who you can sign and who you can drop. good luck.

    • Improving at WR would be nice. I would dump OAK defense unless you start 2, and pick up the best available WR. Or else make a trade because you are pretty loaded at RB.


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