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  • dee dee Jul 11, 2011 10:36 PM Flag


    here's what i do but takes a bit longer. go to the league player pages and prerank those who will potentially make the most pts based on the league SETTINGS. it's all about the settings for one. i'm in a qb heavy league so i always put the top 3 qb's top of my prerank list. get about 50 or so (some i know prerank over 100 players).

    rb's usually are prime position since there aren't that many good ones and most teams require at least 2, so my 1st pick in normal leagues (not the qb heavy) is a top 20 rb. the highest on the board so hopefully it's a top 10 depending on draft position.

    2nd pick if there's a top 20 rb there on the board, i pick rb for my 2nd.

    then i go to top wr on the board which should be a top 20. te's like gates count as a wr so if they are off the board, then pick him.

    that's good advice i read to see how the league is drafting. if there's a run on qb's for example early, then get one before the top ones are gone. most times i have to pick out of my strategic order due to this factor.

    yes, D and K go last and i agree to never draft more than 1 te, d or k.

    last strategy: remember. with all the work you put into your draft and strategy, once you get going by rd 2 or before, it'll all go out the window!!!! gl and have fun!


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