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    Greetings all, would like your positive input on this one. I was talking with a Fantasy Football expert regarding draft strategies by position. Usually owners select top tier RB, RB, WR, WR then QB or whatever order they desire. I was advised on maybe going with top picks in each position to build a nice core then follow it up with backup players on each position as example. QB, RB, WR, TE, DST then selecting a good solid RB, WR, RB, WR, etc. What is your honest opinion?

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    • Your query & these posts are perplexing. You draft the best player available given your league's scoring system always. ALWAYS! Every pick. "Filling out your roster" is the ticket to an average team. A "positional" draft strategy is the ticket to an average team.

    • remember that each starting position QB1, RB1, RB2, etc is a chance to outscore your opponent. Don't underestimate the value of a RB2, WR2 or even a 3rd RB or WR. i would NEVER draft a TE in the 4th round when I only have 1 RB and 1 WR. And I would NEVER NEVER NEVER draft a defense in the 5th round for any reason. i believe it's not who has the best stars at each position, it's who is the deepest at the crucial positions. You can sign a TE or DEF or kicker on sunday at 12:55 pm before kickoff that will give you a similar amount of points as your opponent, but try finding a last minute RB or WR to plug into your line-up. Byes, injuries, etc, YOU NEED RB and WR DEPTH !!!! imo

    • Depends alot on what other people are doing in your league. One league (14 teams), im in will draft QB's early and if you wait to long you'll get stuck with a Garrard or Cassel or Hene as your main guy. While another league I play in the guys there will wait to draft QB's. I'd say there the first QB will go late round 1. And maybe only 3 QB's go round 2 after that, then no QB's round 3, and everyone is getting a QB round 4 or later.
      If I have sixth pick or so I'm getting Rodgers in either league, and I may go sooner than that in the league where I know QB's will go fast. I just feel like Rodgers is less of a gamble than any RB outside of the top 4. Honestly I feel better about taking a QB too early rather than gambling on a RB ranked in the 6-12 spot. But with that said, the winners in the leagues I have participated in usally have a top 5 QB and not the #1 or # 2 QB of that year.
      If you have 1st pick then you,ve gotta go with one of the top 3 RB, and hope that with your second and third picks you can get a good QB, WR or QB, RB.
      It's helpful to look at the mock drafts yahoo and other sites have put together using their "experts". It gives you a good idea of when you might want to start drafting certain positions, but the problem with that is those guys are experts and the guys in your league are most likely not. So when pick 5 comes and that guy takes Rodgers- and Pick 6 takes Brees- and pick 7 takes Manning, your whole strategy is F#@%ed.

      In leagues like that where people draft like idiots you need to stay smart and pick up those top ranked players that get left behind. You can survive and even win your league with good WR,WR,RB, and a Josh Freedman(TB) Matt Cassel combo.

      . my advice...get the best value you can for the first three rounds, but don't forget about trying to get a good QB.

    • You're not just starting 1 at each position and then a backup. A standard starting roster is 1 QB, 2RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 D, 1 K.

      If you take 1 at every position before addressing your #2 RB and #2 & -#3 WR, you will look like a fool in the draft.

      There are lots of strategies you can use, but you never know which you will use until you know your draft position. The only exception is a very basic RB focused strategy.

      A RB focused strategy has become a time-honored strategy because it works and it is safe.

      If you draft RB, RB, WR, or RB, WR, RB in the first 3 rounds and then follow those picks with 2 more WRs and in any order, it's hard not to field a competitive team.

      You can then grab a TE and your backup RBs/WRs.
      If a top TE

    • 1. Do not draft a kicker before the last round.
      2. Do not draft a defense before the second to last round.
      3. In the first 5 rounds, don't take high risk guys (for example Vick, Benson, Hillis, ...) unless you get them 2 rounds later than average draft position.
      4. Make sure though, that you get one TOP 8 QB: Vick, Rodgers, Rivers, Peyton Manning, Brady, Romo, Brees, Roethlisberger.
      5. Do not take a TE before round 5, maybe even later. If Gates is there in 5, pick him, if not, wait for someone else.
      6. If you get a TOP 8 QB, don't pick a backup QB. You can also grab one of the waiver wire in his bye week.
      7. In no case, you should draft backup TEs, Ks or DEFs.
      8. and most importantly: DO NOT DRAFT A KICKER BEFORE THE LAST ROUND!

    • personally i find its best to simple take the top talent available in the first 5 rounds regardless of position/bye week than start filling holes and balancing the team. in fact.
      its a hard strategy to stick with however but whenever i find that once the season has begun i am alot less likely to be kicking myself in the head for losing out on a game breaker.
      this is especially the case with wr. i mean when your starting roddy white, megatron and a dez/wallace/williams type than your a threat to win every week no matter the running back situation.

    • i think that strategy makes sense if you have a late pick. for example, i drafted 10th today and rd 1 was a. johnson rd 2 rodgers, rd 3 was d. jackson rd 4 bradshaw rd 5 welker rd 5 bjge....since bradshaw and bjge are not necessarily no. 1 rbs, i grabbed 2 reserves next (mathews and moreno)....i think it works if you can start with a combo like rodgers / andre or something similar...if you get a top 5 pick though, you are probably just going to have to abandon a set strategy imo

    • it doesnt make much sense to decide on a strategy until draft time. you dont know what position youll have, and you dont know what the rythm of the draft will be like. i would decide which positions you feel like are shallow and have a significant drop off in talent and decide how many players you want before that drop off, and which positions are deep and you can afford to ignore longer and maybe pick up some sleepers you feel good about. how everyone else drafts will affect you but it shouldnt control you.


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