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  • JED JED Jul 8, 2011 4:42 PM Flag

    Time to talk keepers.

    So here is what I have. Here are 7 players I know I want:

    Michael Vick QB
    Tony Romo QB
    Dwayne Bowe WR
    Jamaal Charles RB
    Matt Forte RB
    Thomas Jones RB
    Mike Thomas WR

    Choose 3 from this group:
    Mike Tolbert RB
    Braylon Edwards WR
    CJ Spiller RB
    Tim Tebow QB
    Kellen Winslow TE
    Charles Woodson CB
    Derrick Johnson LB

    Appreciate any help.

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    • There's no reason to keep a player you can pick up in free agency. DO NOT keep Jones.

      Thomas doesn't have as much keeper value. I think you would be much better off taking 2 from Winslow & your D players than Jones & Thomas

    • IDP players unless you are willing to sift through the players to prerank which takes hours. i know. i do this every season in one league. if you let yahoo do your drafting, remember that they rank IDP players in reverse order of rank so you'll be stuck with junk.

      you don't need 3 qb's. tebow will be interesting if steve smith ends up as his target this season. i agree with the spiller/jones post as well as your wr's are very weak. gl!

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      • WR's are weak. I agree there. This was a competitive 5th place team last year. So would I be crazy to hang on to say, Romo and Tebow, then try and see what I could get for Vick? I am just not sure he stays healthy the whole season. Or how about Vick/Tebow and try and move Romo?

    • Motley group. I hope you're in a very deep league. Spiller is a flier but has the best skillset and most upside potential of the group. Given how weak your kept WRs are Edwards comes next, but I doubt he does much this year wherever he winds up. Finally, Winslow is nicknamed "The Gimp" for good reason, but he's probably the best choice of this group.

    • Im not sure why you want to keep Jones (although I see the other KC players so can assume why) over Spiller. As a keeper league, Spillers potential is greater than the aged but proven Jones. Winslow and Tebow would be my other choices. I dont usually advocate the keeping of defensive players as their production can be very sketchy to project.


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