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  • vin vin Dec 23, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    Moss, Bowe or Joe Webb

    Last 2 WR spot either Santana Moss, Dwayne Bowe or Joe Webb?

    Gotta Pick 2.

    I'm thinkin Bowe is due and Webb is guaranteed points at WR/QB.


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    • Sit Moss...Bowe and Webb are the choices.

    • Moss, bowe, webb. I have made this for you so you can see and pick for yourself.

      Moss - redskins play the jaguars, the jags have good run defense so there definitily gonna pass the ball. Redskins have Rex Grossmanwill probably play and the skins will lose so towards the end, they'll be passing alto

      Bowe - Dwayne is a active guy with a lot of TD's. he is the important WR of the chiefs. The chiefs play the titans, a team that did good last year. This is gonna be a high score game. Bowe has a high average percentage of yards. But, Cassel is strting at QB, d you want to take that chance?

      Joe Webb - Joe Webb is a great receiver to give a lot of yards. Do you think Farve will get injured? The Vikings play the eagles. they are on fire at this moment. They have a great pass defense. They are also going to move they ball a lot. The eagles have michael vick and so do I. He has been outstanding. They will score alot of TD's. It might be a blowout game. The eagles will probably win. But, can the Vikings make it a high score game??? Can the defense overcome M Vick??? This up to you.


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