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  • Chad_Scott13 Chad_Scott13 Dec 22, 2010 3:37 PM Flag

    WR Dilema for the Title

    Hey all...I need some help with my lineup as I am going for the title in my big money league this week! It's a 12 team league, here is my current lineup with bench...would you change anything, and if so, why? Thanks so much!

    QB Vick
    RB McFadden
    RB Rice
    WR Jennings
    WR Britt
    WR Boldin
    TE Gonzalez
    K Janikowski
    DEF Miami (picked up this week)

    Branch (this is my conundrum)
    P Thomas

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    • The matchup for Deion Branch is a lot more favored against Buf than Jennings up against NY's D. but with Rodgers back under center it is a good argument. but I see Deion havin the better day goin against that BUF D.

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      • Damn...I was really hoping someone would say sit Boldin this week for his lack of production over the last weeks (tho he had his best game against CLE earlier this year)....I was thinking of sitting Boldin for Branch...in a must win game for GB, I have to feel as if Jennings will go off with Rodgers back, but yes the DEF he is facing scares me...tho the Giants do tend to give up big plays, which is Jennings MO...hmm

    • Go get another Kicker. Any other kicker

    • Its a toss up, if I would change anything I might swap Jennings for Branch.. You have Branch up against a weak Buf def, and Rodgers is coming back from a concussion against a very physical Giants defense who is gonna be all over Rodgers all day, and on top of that the Giants lead the league in takeaways, so I think you'd be safer rolling with Brady and Branch against Buf


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