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  • Shark Shark Dec 16, 2010 4:04 PM Flag


    Hmmm....lets see here, standard league rules:

    QB = 25 passing yards/point and 4 for TD
    WR= 10 recieving yards/point and 6 for TD

    Not to mention the guy has never played before in the NFL and it'll be freezing weather on a field that they dont usually play on...not to mention they have been a terrible offense thus far. What makes you think Joe Webb will do better than Favre and Jackson?

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    • Already picked him up!!! And he did play last week, not great 2-5. But I think he is a better choice than a #3 WR. Especially in leagues where the QB gets 6 points per TD : )

      Keeping him on the bench for now, just to make sure his hamstring is ok. But really hoping to play him Sunday.... he is worth the gamble

    • He runs well, which is nice.

      Lets say he throws for 150, runs for 30, throws 1 TD and 2 INTs, under standard scoring that's 11 pts, which is pretty good for a WR3.

      Also, as a QB he has less downside than most WRs. He's touching the ball on every snap, so unless he puts in a Rusty Smith-esque performance and throws nothing but picks, he'll get you something.


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