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  • kevin l kevin l Dec 9, 2010 11:53 AM Flag

    Collusion Playoff Lineup Dilemma

    We are in our final week of the regular season and only 1 spot has been secured for the playoffs. There are a number of scenarios that can play out however we have a brother combo that is going up against each other this week and the one brother that can make it with a win is facing a second rate lineup. Needless to say the brother he is playing has benched Andre Johnson, Anquain Boldin, Steven Jackson, Matt Forte and Gates in favor of lesser talent thus all but assuring a win for the one that needs it. What do you do in this case? As commisssioner do you override the lineup, let teams stay as submitted? What?

    I’m trying to get a correct answer for which direction to go. Thanks for the help.

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    • That sucks. I'd warn them that this is unacceptable, and if they didn't fix it, then I'd disqualify both teams and kick them both out of the league next year.

    • Collusion is not acceptable. What I would do is: make a post in the league forum telling the league that if someone is attempting to aid another team by starting their bench players, then there will be consequences.

      If the player doesn't change his lineup by game time I would lock them out and start their projected best. And to be honest, I would not want to play in a league where such things are happening. I would either not play next year or not invite the guilty party's back. Whether there is money on the line or just playing fantasy for fun, that is completely unethical and takes away from the spirit of fantasy.

    • Definite collusion. You either need to handle it yourself and go to the teams and tell them collusion is not acceptable and they need to adjust lineup or you adjust it for them. Or you go to the league with the situation and ask for a vote. If nobody cares, then let it be... I doubt nobody cares though. Not sure if your league has bylaws against collusion and the ability to DQ a team for doing that. If so, I would remind these teams of that. Total BS and unacceptable.

    • If all of these players have been in the line up all year then the commish needs to address the issue with the manager explaining the appearance of collusion and its repercussions. The commish should also email all league managers, except those involved and request their opinion on the collusion as well as what should be the repercussions. These are issues that should have been addressed at the beginning of the year. As commish of my league, I had an issue earlier in our year where a player started a 2nd rate line up. He was doing badly and was "quitting" on the team. I took over his team and locked him out. After, he apologized to the league and we allowed him back in to play out the season properly.

    • Definitely complain to the Commish here.

    • The commish needs to disqualify both teams.

    • I would say Collusion is in full effect here..

    • To me that violates the prime directive of fantasy sports: don't make moves to aid or impede another team. I'd hate to be the commish and have to override the team's lineup but it's only fair to the others. Have you told them that this is collusion?


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