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  • Kevin Kevin Oct 20, 2010 11:48 PM Flag

    Trade Peyton Hillis for Felix Jones?

    Hey guys,

    I have been offered Felix Jones and Pierre Garcon for Peyton Hillis, do you think that this is a good trade?

    I'm thinking about taking it since I lack depth at WR...

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    • Horrible idea. Hold onto Hillis

    • Great deal in a PPR.. Hillis is better than Felix (only because of Marion Barber, and Felix Jones just can't handle a large workload) but Garcon will be great as the Colts deep threat and Manning will target him more with the news that Dallas Clark could be out indefinitely and even for the season with a hand/wrist injury

    • I agree with everything IAN said except that F.jones is better than hillis??? WHAT?!?, he must be smoking crack, b/c hillis is top 10 RB in the NFL, stats are better than my other guy mendy & S-jax... and is the ONLY offense the browns have.... dallas actually kinda blows even though they move the ball.... 1-4... wow... and also jones has to split carries with barber&choice, and has to fight for carries away from the passing loving romo.... hillis is WAY better receiver than jones too(stats-wise, hillis is better also), hillis is almost as good at check downs as reggie bush, and can run like a beast & isn't injury prone like jones.... crazy to think jones is better than hillis...

    • absolutely NOT. garcon is not really wr depth in my opinion. if he could get you a solid WR2, then okay. hillis to jones is a serious downgrade IMO

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      • Well in my opinion this would be a great deal for you. I would rather have Jones than Hillis personally. Hillis is on a bad team and Jones is on a team that can score and has gotten most of the carries of late not to mention plenty of receptions. And Garcon is very solid number 3 WR on any team. Especially now since Clark is most likely lost for a while and Garcon's hammy is healed.

    • Anybody out there?


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