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  • Big Truth Big Truth Oct 16, 2010 5:15 AM Flag

    is this better?

    ok, so my team is a little weak at QB since schaub wants to be terrible for no reason this year, and also weak at RB cuz i foolishly thought j stewart would get more than 3 carries a week, so i need to fix my 2-3 disaster. we have a limit to waiver wire grabs and i am out of picks, and have a TE bye week coming with NO bench TE or wire grabs left. and i just pulled a great deal outta my rear earlier in the week (I got S Jax and V Jax for tolbert and maclin BEFORE V Jax agreed to report... go me!) SO, that being said, i just got offered a nice trade I THINK, and i wanna know what you think,

    I get
    Matt ryan
    Thomas Jones

    I give
    H ward
    V Jax
    J Stewart

    My team B4 the trade

    Schaub (Fitzpatrick)

    Addai (hart and D. Brown)
    S Jax
    (Jonathin Stewart)

    A Johnson
    H Ward
    (Louis Murphy & V jax)


    matt bryant

    giants and bengals

    My team after the trade is

    Schaub (M Ryan & Fitz)

    S Jax (darby)
    Addai (hart and Brown)
    (Thomas Jones)

    A Johnson
    T. Owens
    Pierre Garcon
    (Louis Murphy)


    matt bryant

    Giants and bengals

    My take is that VJax is free money since i gambled and didnt even think hed play,so whatever i get for him is free. PLUS our season is a 13 week season, and the playoffs are 14 and 15, so if i dont make it to the playoffs i only have him for 2 weeks, which doesnt help me win the cash pot if i dont make the playoffs (remember, im a sinking 2-3)

    Question is, does this make my team better or hurt it?

    thomas jones is better than stewart for flex
    moeaki is equal in points to celek with no bye coming up
    T.O. isnt quite as good as hines, but ya give a lil to get a lil
    VJax for ryan to play matchups and have a better option than sorry schaub (and i still have fitz at the moment)

    please chime in and lemme kno, and sorry for the length(twhs) but u need to kno the whole deal to give advice i can use.

    thanks for reading and pls comment!

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