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  • Sotiris K Sotiris K Sep 25, 2010 2:04 AM Flag

    Need Help? Ask me anything

    But first i will answer your question IF you give me input on this:
    Would you trade, Gore, Boldin, and Chris Cooley
    Deangelo Williams, Larry Fitzgeralrd, Ronnie Brown, and Jermicheal Finley


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    • By the way, just let me kno your input on this. I traded Brandon Marshall and Joseph Addai for Best and Santana Moss. I figure Moss will have just as many points as sMarshall since Henne doesnt throwto him and Mcnabb loves Santana and Best I think will have the best rookie year since AP. Whats your thoughts.

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      • Its a bit of a gamble , addai is out donald brown is the future but he is still putting up nice numbers, marshall is strugulling but he is a pro bowl WR as for best and moss best will do well but he is on DET so we have to see and moss has a nice connection with Mcnabb but hes to small and dosnt grab TDs im not a huge fan of the trade but its high risk high reward

    • By the way, Finley is tier 2, hes top of tier 2, but still tier 2!. Tier 1 is Clark/Gates/Witten/Davis, Tier 2 is Finley/Shiancoe/Cooley/Owen Daniels(Last year he was tier 1, he had more pts then any other TE until he got hurt.) Finley is Tier 2, hes not as proven as the 4 guys I named, those guys have been consistant year in and year out.

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      • Adam S, you don't know anything about football if A) you actually think that trade you proposed is not outrageousl stupid and B) if you consider Jermichael Finley playing in that GB offense, just because you've never heard of him before, a Tier 2 tight end on par with Owen Daniels THIS YEAR and Chris Cooley. WOW.

    • Hell NO. Gore(whose going to have a BEAST year, Coole whose mcnabbs favorite target, and Flaccos favorite target Boldin ) for an overated and run down Dangelo, a Fitzy who doesnt have a QB, a Ronnie Brown who splits carries with ricky and a TE that is tier 2. Awful trade.

    • my greek brotha answer my 2 posts plz. thanks


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