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  • CarltheGrinder CarltheGrinder Sep 22, 2010 2:33 AM Flag

    **Yahoo expert Answering Questions 30min**

    Answering any sit start trade questions for 30 min....

    here are the rules...first answer my question on this thread and then ask your question directly afterwards..I will only answer to those who answer first..my answers will be educated and detailed so enjoy..!

    My Questions:

    .75/Receptipn LEAGUE....10 teams

    My Team

    Drew Brees
    Dallas Clark
    Michael Turner
    Lesean Mccoy
    Andre Johnson
    Roddy White
    Michael Crabtree
    Baltimore Defence

    Ryan Mathews
    Shonn Greene
    M Floyd

    As you can see im pretty strong and deep in RB's and my top 2 WR....heres my question..should i accept any of the following offers or stay put..

    offer 1:

    Andre Johnson, Ryan Mathews for Jhavid Best, Wes Welker, Desean Jackson

    offer 2:

    Ryan Mathews, Bowe for Larry Fitzgerald

    offer 3:

    Ryan Mathews, Michael Crabtree for Miles Austin

    offer 4:

    Ryan Mathews and Michael Crabtree for Marshall and Moreno

    Thanks and dont be shy in being detailed in whatver question you ask..

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    • I like offer #3 the best... you would have 3 of the top 5 WR.. I dont see how you have such a great team in a 10 team league.. GJ

      Did I win this trade?

      I offered a friend Beanie Wells and Mike Wallace (I know he likes him) for Cedric Benson and Brent Celek... He countered with PORTIS and Wallace for Benson / Celek. Here's my new team..

      QB- Brady
      RB- CJ, Benson
      WR- Roddy, Colston
      TE- Celek
      Flex- Forte
      BN- Beanie, Hightower, Crabtree, Mason, Orton, Ringer(handcuff)

      Rate my new and improved?? team please.. 1/2 ppr and 6 pts per passing TD

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      • your team is ok..im not a fan of Benson due to a couple of things..

        1. he has never played more than 13 weeks/year...his body is just simply not durbale..

        2. very tough defence against the run schedule..Cin must play Baltimore, Pittsburgh twice, Indy and New Orleans (2 teams that will probably have the lead on Cin forcing them to throw)

        3. Bengals didnt pick up Owens this year to run the ball..

        as far as the trade is concern you definitely won it tho.. Celek is ok but you better hope Kolb starts playing because Vick is too inaccurate to hit Celek and his mid routes..

    • I think you should go get miles austin if you can. id do that trade all day. I think he's going to have a huge year.
      I just traded calvin johnson and ahmad bradshaw for McCoy. What do you think. I think he could be the ray rice of this year

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      • its too early to tell for Mc Coy...the thing is he exploded against Detroit...thats a hard game to gauge..was Mccoy that good or Detroit that bad....Detroit also made Forte look amazing...however 2 things will help Mccoy..

        1. if its a PPR league..

        2. if Mike Vick stays as qb....defensive coordinators have to put an extra spy on the qb..then theres the threat of Vick's arm able to go deep to D-jax which means the safety cant cheat...this leaves Mccoy lots of room to manuever..

        like i said its too early to tell. Speaking of Ray Rice, i definitely think you are in for a letdown whoever has him this year...with addition of Boldin and Housh it will take away at least 20-25 receptions from Rice this year.

    • i'm assuming you have to start 3 wide receivers? 1 like offer 3. Getting Austin would be sweet. And You got Mendenhall who is better than Matthews.

    • would you drop sproles in a ppr format plus 20 yards per point returns for Mike Tolbert or Jason Snelling? Or stay put? Explaination please. Thanks. I don't own Matthews or Turner.

    • personally i dont think offers 2,3, or 4 are too appealing but i would definitely consider offer 1. i know andre johnson is doing well and all but he did injure himself in his last game and best welker and jackson are all great players except i dont know how consistant best is. right now im trying to decide whether i should start ryan matthews jason snelling or mike tolbert

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      • well the thing with offers 2.3.4 it would give me the deadliest 3 recievers in my league while only having to give up mathews (someone not 100 percent and on my bench)

        can you imagine my team having Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Larry Fitzgerald..

        to answer your question i would start Ryan Mathews...however id wait to see what he does during practices this week all reports say it was just an ankle sprain and he barely had a limpo...snelling is good but it seems like Turner is almost 100 percent..Tolbert was just a product of that blowout game..

    • People in your league are retarded if they let you draft such a studly team. How did you get that with 9 other people?

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      • well if you go by my winning philosphy of " buy low sell high" you will have a very very "rich" season....ive won 7 of the last 10 years in NFL fantasy pool..and not with the same guys...

        anyways the original team i drafted was:

        Drew Brees
        Andre Johnson
        Desean Jackson
        Malcom Flloyd
        Dallas Clarke
        Ronnie Brown
        Matt Forte
        Baltimore Defence
        Jay Cutler
        Cj Spiller
        Jeremy Shockey
        Donald Driver
        Eddie Royal

        and poof! a couple of wheels and deals here..and my team has gone from a 7 to a 9
        Derrick Mason


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