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  • Dan Dan Sep 13, 2010 12:42 AM Flag

    QB Trade Help

    Meathead here. QBs not really the position to "week to week" it with, for future reference. You can do that with defenses, and you can take risks with WRs. You want a sure bet with QBs, and if you gamble with RBs make sure they're well-researched.

    As to your current predicament, I would say sit on the guys you have. Hasselbeck had a nice week because the NFC West is a funky division, and sometimes these things happen (take a look at Shaun Hill's stats against division foes from a few years ago). Avoid Vick, the Eagles coach loves Kolb and will play him when he's healthy. Just try and ride it out this year, hope Kolb turns it around, and if you play next year get a top flight QB.

    Good luck!


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