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  • Clay M Clay M Sep 13, 2010 1:15 AM Flag

    the value of Arian Foster

    starting him every week?!?!?! what are you guys talking about? he had one great game!

    did you forget that:
    1.) The Colts have the worst run defense in the league
    2.) Houston is a pass heavy offense
    3.) Slaton will not continue to get 5 carries a game

    i'm am astonished that so many people are all over Foster right now. he will be a good RB2 option by the end of the year.

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    • Are you Steve Slaton's mom? That dude ain't touching the rock this year. Secondly, the Colts do not have "the worst" run defense in the league. They ain't great, but they're not the worst. You keep trumpteting that RB2 line. People said that Ray Rice was a "flex option" early last year too. Good luck man.

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      • while i was exagerrating a bit with Colts D, that still doesn't change my point that people expecting top-5 numbers from him are living a dream right now...

        and don't forget that Baltimore is a run-heavy team. the same can't be said about Houston...

      • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Sep 13, 2010 3:37 AM Flag

        So Dan, are you on board too on the Mike Williams(TB), Hakeem Nicks, Jermichael Finley hype train too??

        It looks like Williams is defnitely Freeman's fave target.. I guess the training camp reports were right after all.. Not great numbers, but looks promising.. He will surprise alot of people this year & he could possibly end up with 1k rec yards..

        Alot of people are rating steve smith(nyg) over hakeek nicks & drafting him first because eli loves throwing to smith... But alot of people fail to realize is that nicks is NYG's best wr who can do what smith can.. I see Nicks having better numbers than smith this year..

        And regarding Finley, im very high on him this year & i have him rated 2nd te behind gates.. The guy is huge & has the ability run over defenses and jump over them.. He looks like he will be GB's redzone receiver.. Training camp reports have Rodgers liking finley alot in the redzone... He is going to be the next antonio gates.. He may have gotten an average week, but im sure he will end up as a top3 te..

    • ok, let's recheck what has happened so far...

      1) ALL the experts have been preaching up foster for the past 9 months
      2) you still didn't start him week 1 and have paid for it by missing points
      3) ALL the experts are saying start foster until the rapture comes
      4) you still don't want to start him?

      ok go ahead sit him or trade him and watch as he gets another 20+ points week 2, week 3, week 4...., then come back and whine about how you let foster slip away.

      no foster is not going to get 40+ points every week, but he will score a lot...

      and as far as slaton goes, the only good thing he can say after today is that he managed to not fumble the ball away like he usually does... hmm, if i'm the coach in houston, am i going to put slaton in and hope he doesn't fumble or am i going to go with the guy that since week 16 last year has been lighting up the turf?

      the best way to open up the pass game is to have a fantastic rb that defenses have to respect. the oline is going to keep opening up gaping holes for foster - why, well they like him.

      indy's d is far from the worst running defense - what houston did today is impressive. if you are going to ignore talent, fine, but remember this when the guy you trade foster to beats you.


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