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  • Justin M Justin M Sep 12, 2010 11:14 PM Flag

    the value of Arian Foster

    I need a stud WR....what can i get for him at this point? he is one of 5 very solid rbs on my team...i am weak at wr...ppl in my league really want him.

    I already have an offer of larry fitz for him...can i do better????

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    • for WRs I like Wes Welker or Hakeem Nicks. They both had great games and have good QBs to back them up. for some reason I don't think Moss is gonna have the best season, so Welker will probably be Brady's main target. There's also Reggie Wayne, who scored pretty good even though the Colts lost

    • paulie wanna cracker biaatche paulie wanna cracker biaatche Sep 13, 2010 3:29 AM Flag

      HAHHHAHA i agree with you... im on Foster's hype train & im fine him being the conductor.. well i guess see you on the other side of the station & let's leave behind Foster's doubters..

      He fits perfectly well on HOU's 1-cut running scheme, which would allow for Foster to thrive on that system...

      I see Foster's ceiling as a top5 rb on default settings, possibly 1300 rush yards 10td's & 150 rec yards..

      And i see Foster's floor as a top15 rb on default settings, possibly 1100rush yards & 8td's..

      But one thing is for sure, i guarantee you Foster is going to be a top10 fantasy rb on standard formats...

      Just because HOU throwed alot last year means they will throw alot again this year... If you weren't paying attention, HOU throwed alot last year because they didn't have an effective running game..

      And now that they may have an effective running game, they will try to throw less even with a WR like AJ..

      HOU is trying to be a playoff team this year & for them to take that next step, they need to be a balanced team to become less predictable(like PHI)..

      HOU has a solid passing game, so i dont see opposing teams stacking the box all the time against Foster.. HOU's passing game would allow Foster to become productive on a weekly basis, even if its not as big as week1..

      Remember Ryan Grant 3 years ago?? He wasn't great, but became productive for GB because of their passing game.. This is going to be the same case for Foster, or even better.. He is going to be productive on that potent offense of HOU..
      Foster's hype is not a fluke.. It is for real if you look at the facts around him...

      Remember last year Ray Rice also got alot of hype & alot of people doubted him until they see him end up as a top5 fantasy player..

    • i would take it because nows the perfect time to trade him because hes not gunna have a game like this again and this will prolly be fitz worst game

    • Yes. You have to do better than that. I like Fitz, and I like Anderson, but the chemistry is not there yet, but it will be.

    • haha, it'll be interesting, that's for sure.

    • I would not call Huggins "solid"

    • what do ppl mean when they say bump?

    • you don't need to trade him... if you do, yes, you will get a stud wr but someone else will get the deal of the year in a stud rb

      what would you rather have, a wr who will get you 15 points or so each week or a rb that will get you 20 points per week?

      keep foster, don't let someone else use his points against you... you should be starting him every week but even if you don't, it is better to have him sitting on your bench than starting on someone else's team.

      from the looks of you team, you should be scoring 100+ every week anyway which should get you to the playoffs - you will want to have depth in the playoffs to start the best rb for the situation.

    • Deffinately target Austin

    • Try for Austin.

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