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  • CokeCanRooster CokeCanRooster Sep 9, 2010 5:10 PM Flag

    Need help please!

    QB Brees-Stud
    RB's Moreno, Greene- Solid
    WR Crabs, Sims-Walk, Jennings- Solid
    TE Carlson.... what other FA are there?
    DEF- NO solid there...
    K- Kaeding-Good as any

    Henne is in a wild cat offense so he doesn't have a lot a value in my opinion. Look at FA's

    Brown-solid bench or trade bait
    Edwards- hope he does something this year.
    Sproles- useful only if u get return yards in ur league.

    if u post fa's i'll suggest what i think would work...

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    • Thanks!

      Yeah, the main weakness would be TE I guess. Here's some of the top FA's:

      F Davis

      B Berrian
      E Royal
      D Henderson
      R Williams

      T Hightower
      C Williams
      S Morris
      S Slaton
      C Buckhalter
      F Taylor
      C Taylor
      D McFadden

      Also, do you think someone like bradford would be a good backup at qb?


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