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    Answering all questions in depth.

    Answering all questions. For further advice and in depth answers to all your fantasy football questions go to TheFootsPrints.com All questions will be answered in a timely manner and will be very in depth and professionally.


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    • Below is my team that I drafted this past Sunday. I am obviously in the need for WR's. I stacked up on some decent RB's on my bench so that I may be able to trade for more reliable WR's in my league. It is a 12 team league. I was fortunate to receive the #1 pick in my draft which never happens for me, but of course there is a major dropoff when you go from 1st pick to 20th in a snaked draft. My brother just made a trade with a friend and received Andre Johnson AND Reggie Wayne. He already has Randy Moss. He has the top 3 WR in the league. My question is....Is it worth offering him CJ for 2 of his top wr and throw in somebody else like miles austin or w/e and plug in one of my other backs? what should i do? im desperate. PS: i dont know if these are fair trades but i offered one guy ronnie brown for calvin johnson and another trade i offered was braylon edwards, C Cooley and philly D for Driver, Keller, and GB D

      My starting lineup is:

      T. Romo
      M. Austin
      M. Wallace
      B. Edwards
      C. Johnson
      A. Foster
      A. Gates
      R. Boronas
      Philly D


      T. Hightower
      B. Jacobs
      R. Brown
      B. Berrian
      S. Holmes
      C. Cooley

    • Who would you choose in Week 1

      Addai vs HOU


      J. Bradshaw vs CAR

    • What would you do if you owned this team?.. i know i am pretty weak in many areas. What can i do? (Non-ppr: QB, 2WR, 2RB, TE, K, DEF)

      QB- Flacco, Kolb
      WR- Jennings, Smith(NY), Dez Bryant, Jacoby Jones
      RB- S.Jackson, D.Williams, Hightower, M.Barber, B.Jacobs
      TE- Tony Gonzalez
      K- Rackers
      DEF- Miami

      I plan on moving Kolb (if anyone will take him).. And i want to trade Smith away.

    • McCoy and Driver are my choices to your question

      **Should I trade Turner and Ward for CJ?

      12 teams, h2h pts, ppr and 6pts/passing td...money league

      QB- Romo
      RB- Turner
      RB- D Williams
      RB/WR- Benson
      WR- Sims-Walker
      WR- Hines Ward
      TE- K Winslow
      DEF- Chargers
      K- Rackers

      WRs: Laurent Robinson, Steve Breaston, Gaffney, Naanee

      QB: Ben Roth

      RBs: B Scott (Cin) and B Westbrook

    • So my internet crashed and I auto drafted Beanie Wells.. Anyways here my 10 team roster.. 1/2 ppr and 6 pts per passing TD

      QB- Brady
      RB- CJ, Beanie
      WR- Roddy White, Colston
      TE- Winslow
      Flex- Forte
      BN- Crabtree, Wallace, Hightower, Portis, Jacoby Jones, Mason and Donald Brown

      My question.. Should I try and package Beanie Wells with a WR like Colston for an upgrade at RB#2? I was talking to a friend in need or WR and he would be willing to give me Mendenhall or Greene.. Would that trade help my team? Or should I stay put?

    • Hey dude...need opinions on my team please...i have also put a few free agents at every position...let me know if any would be an improvement, thanks!

      8 Team, H2H league btw...it's a 8 team h2h league...
      1 QB,3 WR,2 RB, 1 Flex (RB or WR),1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF 3 BN

      RB-Chris Johnson, LeSean McCoy, Jerome Harrison, Knowshon Moreno
      WR-Welker, Crabtree, Brandon Marshall, Tyrell Owens, Johnny Knox
      TE-Owen Daniels
      DEF-NY Jets

      QB-Flacco, McNabb, Garrard, Matt Ryan

      RB-Justin Forsett, Hightower, Brandon Jacobs

      WR-Austin Collie, S. Moss, Dez Bryant, Breaston, Lee Evans

      TE-Kellen Winslow, Zach Miller, Cooley, Shockey, Heath Miller, Olsen

    • I'm in a 12 Team deep league. I had 10th pick and i took 4 Elite WR cause they were too good too pass up.

      Heres my team:

      QB - V. Young
      QB - Dennis Dixon
      WR - AJ
      WR - Moss
      WR - Marshall
      RB - Felix Jones
      RB - Clinton Portis
      TE- Heath Miller
      W/T - Larry Fitz
      W/R - Justin Forsett
      K - Kneeding

      BN - Big Ben
      BN - Mike Bell
      BN - Sammy Morris
      BN - Dameryius Thomas
      BN - Mike Thomas
      BN - Kenny Britt
      BN - Mercedes Lewis

      There are no notable FA since each players BN is so deep. What do i do with my team?

      QB is not really an issue because of our QB scoring.

      50 passing yards per point
      3 points per passing TD
      10 yards rushing per point
      6 points for rushing TD.

      V.Young throws for 200 yards, 2 TDs, and 40 rushing yards = 14 points
      Brady type throws for 300 yards and 3 TD's = 15 points.

      A mobile QB is much more effective then the an average QB. The 3 exceptions that will constantly go over the 300 3 TD mark are Brees, Manning, and Rodgers. Each of them were taken by the 14th pick.

      My main concern is RB.

      What do you think about this?

      I give: AJ and Felix Jones

      I get: Gore and Mike Walalce

    • I get;
      A Rodgers
      Ronnie Brown

      He gets;
      T Romo
      Jahvid Best

      i felt i needed an upgrade a QB and felt like I just broke abouteven with the other two...what do you think??

    • Pick 2

      Driver @ PHI
      Berrien Vs NO
      M. Sims Walker vs DEN
      Breaston @ STL
      Bradshaw Vs. CAR

    • opinion on my team, what would you address if anything, thanks, 12 team h2h
      roddy white, floyd, tj housh
      peterson, ronnie brown
      j. stewart
      bench-----reggie bush, aromashudu, breaston, gaffney

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      • to tell u the truth this is my first season doing fantasy football. i got into it by a close friend. I do like football and watch it regularly. if i had to make a comment on your team(please dont take it seriously) it would be about bears defense. i think they dropped a little in overall defense. i think briggs not there no more right and urlacher injured or still recovering from injury

      • I would try to get like a foster and something extra for brown - then try to get ride of Floyd for a better wr. maybe you could combine Floyd and Tj for one better wr

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