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  • Matt Matt Sep 7, 2010 11:13 AM Flag

    MY RBs are sick!!!!

    HA, your RBs are sick? let me tell you what I think! First off you like Charles on my team because he is on your team. SJax on one of the worst offenses in football, who is bound to slow down. Does your league not give points for touchdowns? if thats the case then yah SJax is good because he DOESNT score TDs. The Rams dont move the ball enough for him to score TDs if you took SJax in the first round your a fricken moron!

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    • Ha, I've like Charles for the past year even before I thought about drafting him. S-Jax was the second leading rusher last year only to Chris Johnson. He that team, they have always had a shitty O-line but yet he still manages to be one of the leagues leading rushers. Tell me how he is going to slow down when he is healthier then he has ever been and looks very good this year. Not only that but having a good QB finally that can take the team down field into the redzone which one sets Jackson up for TD's and two takes pressure of him and so he also stays fresh and not wore down. How do you figure I took him in the first round when I have Andre Johnson, do you really honestly think Andre would ever slip past the first round. Last thing I wasn't trying to be rude just stating a fact, but you were honestly trying to dis my RB's and did a horrible job at it mainly cuz you commented on one guy. My team is better.


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