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  • Double D Double D Sep 8, 2010 7:28 AM Flag

    Here to help-seriously-ask away!!

    How can I improve my team?

    Should I drop Hillis for Rob Gronkowski?

    I thought of trading for another elite tight end, and by trading for Clark I'd get the Manning/Clark tandem. I figure I can sell a higher "value" quarterback, especially if he's frustrated with Vince Young while he waits for Rothlisberger to come back.

    I give Kolb/Colston/Daniels I get Big Ben/Marshall/Clark ? Good trade for me/doable for him?

    See any trades I should make?

    My Team-

    QB- Peyton Manning
    RB- Ryan Mathews, Best
    WR- Colston, Garcon
    TE- Jermichael Finley
    W/R- Gaffney
    W/T- Owen Daniels
    K- Rackers
    DEF- San Francisco

    Bench- Kolb, Donald Brown, McCluster, Edelmann, Sidney Rice, Hillis

    His Team-

    QB- Vince Young
    RB- Adrian Peterson, Mendenhall,
    WR- Marshall, Boldin
    TE- Clark
    W/R- Felix Jones
    W/T- Maclin
    DEF- Bengals

    Bench- Rothlisberger, Portis, Thomas Jones, Hightower, Heath Miller, Kevin Boss

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    • maybe drop Hillis for someone else, but Alge Crumpler is still the starter in NE, I know Gronkowski had a great preseason, but he won't get enough catches for you to ever start him over Finley or Daniels except the bye week.

      Great trade for you, not even close to doable for him, Daniels is out week 1 (only expected to play 15 to 20 snaps or at most a third of the game.)

      Rotheslisburger and Kolb are pretty even, the only difference is Kolb plays the first 4 games and Ben doesn't afterwards they have similar value. If you have Peyton Manning you can afford to have a bad backup like VY. You have a better chance on him accepting this if you ask for VY, Marshall and Clark, personally I still wouldn't do it if i were him, but you have a better chance.


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