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  • DA Botchman DA Botchman Sep 7, 2010 12:00 PM Flag

    Here to help-seriously-ask away!!

    your RB's are fine, unfortunately you aren't strong enough at any position that I would recommend a trade, what I would say is you have 3 guys on your team who belong on the wire, Lewis will never start over Winslow except on the bye week, same thing with Tynes and Gostkowski and the same thing with the 49ers and the Titans (defense hasn't be good for a number of years, they had a 2000 yard rusher and didn't make the playoffs why bad defense. So waive Lewis, Tynes, and the Titans, you can keep Tynes if you want he is a top 12 kicker, but it is very hard to trade a kicker. I agree you need more RB's see who is available, I would just go by percentage owned and take one of the top 3 whoever you think will do the best, I would do the same at WR and just go with one TE, or if you want a backup pick someone other than Lewis, he has been in the league a number of years and never been worth having.

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    • Im looking to upgrade my WR. would it be wise to trade Robert meachem for Mike wallace (pitt)

      The saints have so many options to throw the ball to I would like someone consistent.

      If this isnt an upgrade who would you trade Meachem for or one of my other players for a WR.

      or should I leave my team alone

      Qb, Flacco, Stafford
      Rb- mathews, CJ, foster, huggins, mccoy
      Wr- ochocinco, meachem, floyd, garcon, jacoby jones
      Te- witten, heath miller

      Thank in advance

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      • Yes, Meacham for Wallace would be wise, can you get him for that, i doubt it Meacham is already having foot issues and NO spreads out the ball too much.

        Unfortunately you should be in for a long year 4 first time starters at RB. Obviously I love the 4 you grabbed, but would have rather had someone who you knew what to expect from, because you never really know if a rookie will exceed expectations, (Forte), or fail miserably (McFadden). Even Moreno last year didn't meet the fantasy expectations of where he was drafted.

        I do agree upgrade your WR's I would try off loading Meacham and Mccoy, CJ, or Foster, for a better WR and a worse RB, without being on your league and seeing who people have it is impossible for me to think of an exact deal.