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  • KYLE KYLE Sep 2, 2010 9:39 PM Flag

    Tell me what u think 2?

    I offered guy Romo & a WR (cant remember which 1-may have been Mason) for Big Ben & Roddy White. He declined, but countered with Addai & R.Williams for Kolb. Thought it was strange offer, but I liked it. However today (trade would process tomorrow) he posts message on message board saying he made a mistake. That he did not mean to offer that much for Kolb (OK I can believe it was a mistake). He then says "if trade goes thru he would DROP HIS PLAYERS & QUIT THE LEAGUE TO MAINTAIN COMPETITIVE BALANCE. OK here I have a problem. No one drops all the players on their team to maintain competitive balance, but they drop their players to hurt a league. I think he is full of crap here. Also I have a problem with him posting this without e-mailing me 1st. I have offered to trade him his players back if trade goes thru, but I want him to e-mail me 1st. I feel I should at least have chance to let him know how I feel about how he handled this. If he does not e-mail me should I trade him back anyway? He is really starting to piss me off now. Acting like dropping his players would be sacrificial aid to the league, bullcrap. What do yall think? Thanx.

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