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  • KYLE KYLE Sep 2, 2010 6:37 PM Flag

    Tell me what u think?

    I offered a guy Romo & a WR (forgot which 1-maybe it was Mason) for Big Ben & Roddy White. He declines & counters with Addai & R.Williams for Kolb. I am surprised but take his counter offer. Today (trade would be final tomorrow) he goes to message boards & says he made mistake & paid too much for Kolb. Well I certianly can understand that he made a mistake there, but he continues that "if trade goes thru he would drop his players & leave league to maintain competitive balance." 2 problems imo here. 1st, he went to message boards without ever sending me e-mail explaining he made mistake. I would have understood that & traded his players back to him for Kolb. I think this was unfair on his part. 2nd, who drops all their players to maintain competitive balance. That does not maintain competitive balance that destroys a league imo. However if trade is not vetoed (which I went in and voted veto myself) I will trade him his players back tomorrow if the idiot does not drop his players 1st. Do I have right to feel this guy is wrong in way he handled this? Thanx.

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    • Yeah. He sounds like a newb. It'd be great if the commish could settle it fairly. You deserve to make out, but to the point where he's going to be a baby and ruin the league. Tough situation.

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      Hey all. 9th year running. Two groups of mutual friends of the commish. Friendly, and flexible. Drafting soon. Commish is open to joining other leagues to reciprocate - schedule pending.

      Scoring & Settings

      League ID#: 638557
      League Name: 9th Annual NY Gridiron Cup
      Password: bradyhatesjets
      Custom League URL: http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/nychampz
      Draft Type: Live Standard Draft
      Draft Time: Thu Sep 2 7:45pm EDT [ Add to My Calendar ]

      Max Teams: 10
      Scoring Type: Head-to-Head
      Start Scoring on: Week 1
      Can't Cut List Provider: Yahoo! Sports
      Max Moves: 25
      Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum
      Max Trades: No maximum
      Trade Reject Time: 2
      Trade End Date: December 3, 2010
      Trade Review: League Votes
      Waiver Time: 2 days
      Waiver Type: Continual rolling list
      Weekly Waivers First game of week - Tuesday
      Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules
      Invite Sharing Tools: Disabled
      Playoffs: Week 15, 16 and 17 (6 teams) Note: Week 17 runs 7 days from Dec 28 to Jan 3
      Divisions: No
      Roster Positions: QB, QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/T, K, DEF, D, DB, DL, LB, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
      Fractional Points: Yes
      Negative Points: Yes
      Offense League Value Yahoo! Default Value
      Completions .1 0
      Passing Yards 120 yards per point; 0.67 points at 300 yards 25 yards per point; 0.67 points at 300 yards
      Passing Touchdowns 1.33 4
      Interceptions -0.47 -1
      Rushing Yards 30 yards per point; 0.33 points at 50 yards; 0.67 points at 100 yards 10 yards per point; 0.33 points at 50 yards; 0.67 points at 100 yards
      Rushing Touchdowns 2 6
      Receptions .17 0
      Reception Yards 60 yards per point; 0.67 points at 100 yards 10 yards per point; 0.67 points at 100 yards
      Reception Touchdowns 2 6
      Return Yards 90 yards per point 0
      Return Touchdowns 3.33 6
      2-Point Conversions 1.33 2
      Fumbles Lost -.67 -2
      Offensive Fumble Return TD 2 6
      Kickers League Value Yahoo! Default Value
      Field Goals 0-19 Yards .67 3
      Field Goals 20-29 Yards 1 3
      Field Goals 30-39 Yards 1 3
      Field Goals 40-49 Yards 1.33 4
      Field Goals 50+ Yards 1.67 5
      Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards -2 0
      Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards -1.67 0
      Field Goals Missed 30-39 Yards -1 0
      Field Goals Missed 40-49 Yards -.67 0
      Field Goals Missed 50+ Yards -.33 0
      Point After Attempt Made .33 1
      Point After Attempt Missed -.67 0
      Defense/Special Teams League Value Yahoo! Default Value
      Sack .33 1
      Interception .67 2
      Fumble Recovery .67 2
      Touchdown 2 6
      Safety 1.33 2
      Block Kick .67 2
      Return Yards 90 yards per point 0
      Points Allowed 0 points 5 10
      Points Allowed 1-6 points 2.33 7
      Points Allowed 7-13 points 1.33 4
      Points Allowed 14-20 points .33 1
      Points Allowed 21-27 points -1 0
      Points Allowed 28-34 points -2.33 -1
      Points Allowed 35+ points -5 -4
      Defensive Players League Value Yahoo! Default Value
      Tackle Solo 0.25 1
      Tackle Assist .1 0.5
      Sack 0.5 2
      Interception 1 3
      Fumble Force .67 2
      Fumble Recovery .67 2
      Defensive Touchdown 2 6
      Safety 1.33 2
      Pass Defended .33 1
      Block Kick 1 2

    • Join a real league with a real commissioner and you dont have to deal with jackasses

    • my opinion should be enough for you to know he handled it poorly.. i've been playing for 12+ years and over 50 leagues... and i've seen it all, and i remember crap like this happening all the time when i played with friends in high school... not so much now, as people in my league are more mature.

      but nothing wrong with wanting more opinions...

    • question: is it private or yahoo public league? its not your fault he screwed up...i'd email him back and say you'd trade him back kolb, romo and Mason for big ben, white and addai and williams....so basically he gets his guys back and then has to accept your 1st offer in order to...if he says no way and will drop his players then email him and say that you will trade back..

    • he handled it poorly; is obviously an inexperienced manager, and does not know proper fantasy sports etiquette.

      also doesn't realize that once he accepts a trade he can't change his mind... simply because he decided he no longer liked the trade


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