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  • FiCADiN FiCADiN Sep 2, 2010 1:44 AM Flag

    Moss or Wayne?

    Its fairly unanimous that they are 2-3, Who do you think will have a better year?

    I've got Wayne and have been offered Moss for Wayne/B.Edwards. I like Wayne because he's solid, but Moss has huge upside unless he shuts it down like last year, Anyway, who you taking this year?

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    • wayne just had 2 knee surgeries and moss is on his final year of his contract with out a doubt id take this and sit back......garcon will have betta numbas then wayne youll see

    • moss shut it down last year? really... did you know even though he shut it down he still finished as the #2 fantasy receiver.. and that he played every game after week 5 with a separated shoulder... he played hurt and still had the 2nd best fantasy season at his position.. if you want to talk about shutting it down look at Wayne from about week 10 on? pedestrian numbers.

      I think its Moss and I think the gap between him Wayne and Moss is larger than the gap between Andre Johnson and Moss... and I do not have Wayne as my #3 receiver


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