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  • Sean Sean Aug 31, 2010 3:51 PM Flag

    MJD/Manning Trade!!!! (will help u)


    I get:

    Peyton Manning
    Jonathon Stewart

    I give:

    Maurice-Jones Drew
    Brett Favre

    I'm hoping you agree that this is a no-brainer ACCEPT, after you see how heavily weighted QBs are in this league. Here is how scores are calculated:


    Passing TDs - 6 points each
    Passing Yards - 50 yards per point

    However, here is the catch in our league:

    3 bonus points at 250 yards
    5 bonus points at 300 yards
    10 bonus points at 350 yards

    These points are ADDED ON at each new level, for example if you throw 250 yards and get 3 extra fantasy points, then you reach 300 yards, you get an additional 5 fantasy points, so 5+3 = 8 extra fantasy points.

    Here is how scoring is for running backs:

    Rushing Yards: 20 yards per point
    Rushing TD's: 6 points each

    Also, I'm worried about Favre and his ankle this year..I feel as if Peyton is a HUGE upgrade to Favre, and ESPECIALLY in this QB-weighted league. Also, Stewart isn't /too/ big of a downgrade from MJD.

    So, opinions?

    Thanks a lot for reading all this. Link me to your post and I'll help you for helping me!

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