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  • Jasper Jasper Aug 30, 2010 2:20 AM Flag

    Please rate this rookie's team

    First year fantasy football player, I'd appreciate it if you guys could give some feedback on the team I just drafted.

    12 team, H2H (QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, TE, W/R, K, DEF, 6 BN). I drafted 8th in the first round and took Andre Johnson.

    QB - Tony Romo (DAL)
    WR - Andre Johnson (HOU)
    WR - Robert Meachem (NO)
    WR - Austin Collie (IND) (really wanted Johnnie Knox here, but an auto-pick snagged him RIGHT from under my nose)
    RB - Joseph Addai (IND)
    RB - Thomas Jones (KC)
    TE - Dallas Clark (IND)
    W/R - Carnell Williams (TB)
    K - David Akers (PHI)
    DEF - Minnesota

    QB - Matt Ryan (ATL)
    RB - Chester Taylor (CHI) (looking to trade him, I guess)
    RB - Tim Hightower (ARI)
    WR/RB - Dexter McCluster (KC)
    TE - Benjamin Watson (CLE)
    WR - Jabar Gaffney (DEN)

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    • On week 1 ONLY u should prob. start Hightower vs. the Rams
      and sit Cadillac. Then try and find a little better RB to trade 4 McCluster. Oh and although I do like Collie I think u should start Gaffney instead only cause i strongly believe he'll have a pretty solid year (FINALLY after 8 long, not so good seasons).

    • well the main ones are romo and johnson. so the way you have to do it is trade romo for a downgrade and meachem for an upgrade. like romo and meachem for kolb/cutler/e manning/ flacco type and boldin/jennings/colston/marshall type. you see what i mean?

    • Pretty good team and i think ur better off w/ Collie. As long as Addai isnt injured 4 too long u got a pretty solid team. Specially 4 a 12 team league. Maybe not a #1 team but none the less a very good team and u should prob. make the playoffs by finishing in the top 4. The good thing is once u make the playoffs it's any1's game then all it takes is a very good week or a bad week from ur opponent and ur in there. But anywayz thats my feedback and i gave u 4 of 5 stars (it would be 3 and a half if possible) but nonetheless i gave u 4 and u should atleast make the playoffs. GL to ya and hope u win ur 1st league ever (i took 2nd after the season and 3rd after the playoffs in mine). Finally just a little advise: Try to make sure ur bye weeks dont bump heads and make sure u make the deadline every week on ur roster changes if u want a shot (in a good league anywayz) and ur teams good enough to be in the race. Later and best of luck 2 ya (unless ur in my league). LOL

    • well first off I would start Gaffney because he is the number 1 receiverff in denver this year. Collie wont have the season he had last year because gonzo is back. and the problem with Meachem is that offense is so spread out, you never know whos gonna get the most targets. Then your real problem is running back. Jones, Taylor, Hightower dont start, they get the lesser end of the split carries to Charles, Forte, Wells. Need to make some trades and watch the FA wire.

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      • Great, thanks for the advice. I actually already picked Gaffney up from the FA wire, made one f**k up during the draft (let's just say the guy I drafted is NA now).

        I'm definitely looking to move Taylor, Bears are more likely to be a throwing team, not a running team.

        Second question: you said 'make some trades'. Who of the guys on this team have decent trade value? Thanks!

    • wait for the first bye week for your QBs then trade for a stronger RB....good team could be fun keep addai just get that RB prob fixed....8.9

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      • Thanks for the advice!

      • Hey there, yeah being new to this stuff is hard. Unfortunately the team you put together is pretty soft. For example, my first pick was Andre Johnson also, and i picked up addai, but i also got Ryan Grant and Cedric Benson as my RB's, and Jeremy Maclain as my second WR....and comperable pieces...not sure how you didn't get a better WR or RB with the picks.

        you're going to have to keep a good eye on the free agent pool t get some guys....definitely need a better RB2 and a WR2. Don't worry though, people usually pop up....or keep an eye on teams that get injuries that you can maybe make a more lop sided trade for. Good luck!


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