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  • joe joe Aug 28, 2010 8:13 PM Flag

    Please rate my team

    QBs: Kevin Kolb, Matt Ryan
    WRs: Miles Austin, Terrell Owens, Dez Bryant, Mike Williams (TB), Jabar Gaffney
    RBs: Ray Rice, Rashard Mendenhall, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, Arian Foster, Darren McFadden
    TE: Zach Miller
    K: none
    DEF: none

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    • This is a wild question, but why don't you have a K or DEF? That kinda hurts your grade considering you'll score zero points in those categories...

      Your QB are solid but not spectacular. Definitely have potential though. Your WR's after Austin, IMO, aren't going to do much to nothing at all. Now your RB's...swing some trades man! Seriously. You don't need McFadden, might as well drop him.

      I'll give you a 5/10 on the basis you have no K or DEF, I grant you that K's aren't that important but DEF's definitely can be.

      My recommendations:
      - Look at who is weak at RB; offer either Charles or Forte for a good DEF (say top 5 or so). If someone's that hard up they'll make a deal
      - I'd pick up B.Jacobs, drop McFadden, and then trade the other that's left (Charles or Forte) for a #2 WR. You really need help there.
      - Drop Gaffney, his production will be minimal, at best, and get yourself a K!


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