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  • fred badri fred badri Aug 27, 2010 1:50 PM Flag

    $100 head to head league


    Unfortunately, it appears the economy or my boy's wives have affected my fantasy football league and I have lost 5 players.

    4th year fantasy football league in need of 1 more player who is fun, enjoys a little banter and most importantly gives a damn about football. 12 player head to head league. I have been able to add 4 people from this message board.

    Draft is set for 9-1 8:15 MST....live draft....order will be selected at random by Yahoo prior to draft. If you want in cost is a $100 and payment needs to be sent through paypal as personal payment to fbadri@hotmail.com. If payment is not sent personal I will reject as I get charged a fee. Feel free to email me with questions.

    I know $100 may seem like a lot but this is football, breaks down to $5 on a weekly basis for entertainment of watching the greatest sport on Earth. Way better than any World Cup where a tie is celebrated and lil girls cry on the ground when their knee gets brushed by another player.

    Payouts will be as follows;

    1st place regular season 300
    2nd place regular season 100

    1st place playoffs 500
    2nd place playoffs 300

    Email me at fbadri@hotmail.com

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