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  • The G.O.A.T. The G.O.A.T. Aug 25, 2010 7:55 PM Flag

    Rate My Draft

    Well, these are my picks in a 12 team league, how'd I do?

    1. Maurice Jones-Drew
    2. Roddy White
    3. Greg Jennings
    4. Desean Jackson
    5. Matt Schaub
    6. Matt Forte
    7. CJ Spiller
    8. Tony Gonzalez
    9. Felix Jones
    10. Eagles D/ST
    11. Matt Ryan
    12. Devin Hester
    13. Bernard Berrian
    14. Malcolm Floyd
    15. Robbie Gould

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    • Great Team. But you're definitely a BEARS FAN.

    • Alright...need some whompassing from you all. I am in a 14 teamer flex PPR league. I drew 10th pick which licked nutsacks. I tried a different strategy this year, carrying 2 TE and DST to play matchups when possible. I've never tried that in the past. Also I went for a best on the board approach instead of the usual RB RB WR QB approach. Here is how it turned out, let the ass whompins on me begin:

      1. Ryan Matthews
      2. Randy Moss
      3. Eli Manning (best of the rest on the board)
      4. Steve Smith (Giants)
      5. Jermichael Finley
      6. Justin Forsett
      7. Jerome Harrison (Big F'n mistake)
      8. Malcolm Floyd
      9. SF 49ers (best of the rest on the board)
      10. Tim Hightower
      11. Matt Leinart
      12. Kevin Boss
      13. Rob Bironas
      14. NY Giants (to try to play matchups)
      15. Demaryius Thomas

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      • I would say a B to B- on this one...mostly because you need a guaranteed producer for your top 2 picks in a deep league like the one you're in. Matthews is a 2nd round pick, Moss I've seen go as early as a late 1st round pick so you did ok there. Eli Manning, ugh! I just don't know what to say. He picked up 4000+ yards last year but he doesn't have the consistency that I would like, however, if he was the best, I would take him over Cassell or Orton, or even Cutler for that matter.

        Great receivers, good depth there, running back corps...not so much, after the unproven Matthews, you have Forsett who is a high end #3 or a low end #2 (in a stretch) and then Harrison and Hightower, both #3 backs, I see you didn't revisit the RB position until the 6th round so, lesson learned.

        Great #1 TE, Finley will be a must start week in and week out and I believe that Boss has some upside going into this year so he will be an able back up.

        DST was a bit of an early reach but you got a good DST in SF and an able DST in NYG (won't be using them much as SF has an EASY schedule this year.

        I would drop Demaryius as he will not be worth rostering this year, he has nagging foot injuries and even when healthy is a potential #3 receiver for Denver who won't see much action as he'll still be learning the offense.

        This is just my opinion so it could all go out the window in a single game, but there you go. You should be competitive but you'll need some big luck to win it all.

      • Good team. Don't think that Jerome Harrison or the 49ers are a bad choice. SF's D is pretty stout and has a pretty easy schedule, and Jerome Harrison is the main back with big play potential. Don't forget about what he did at the end of the season last year.

    • That is a great draft! No offense to you, but I question the type of people you were drafting with in a 12 team league. White, Jennings and Jackson are all mid 2nd to early 3rd round picks. Then Schaub is still there? I mean you did a great job, but I'd like to see the other teams in the league. And if you are starting 2 running backs, then hopefully one of the other guys will work out, but all have question marks.

      Forte: Bad year last year
      Spiller: Will he be behind Jackson when he gets back, and he is a rookie.
      Jones: Will it be Jones or Barber? Only higher powers know lol

      But other than that, that is a great draft. You could look at trading one of your top tier wide receivers for a solid running back once the season starts.

    • reached for spiller but other than that really good


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