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  • Loc Loc Aug 25, 2010 1:12 AM Flag

    help me with this trade

    Here my Roster .... this is 14 teams league
    QB : Matt Shaub
    RB : Steve Jax
    RB : Addai
    WR : Calvin Johnson
    WR : Mike Wallace
    TE : Finley
    WR/RB: Thomas Jones
    WR/RB: Devin Hester
    K : Dallas
    Def : Dallas
    Bench :
    Vincent Jackson
    Mike Williams
    Larry Johnson
    Jabbar Gaffney
    Deveny Henderson


    Give : Addai / Mike Wallace / Vincent Jackson
    Get : Best / Crabtree / kevin Walter
    YES or NO ????????????????

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    • PS - NO DON'T DO THIS. You generally don't want a RB and a WR from the same team, in this case Detroit.

      There are only a handful of PROVEN RB-WR combos from the same team that might be worth having, but Detroit isn't one of them.

      Roddy White-Michael Turner
      Vernon Davis-Gore

      And to a lesser extent:

      Addai-Wayne or DClark
      Brandon Marshall and only a clear cut Ronnie Brown or Rickey Williams

    • I say NO WAY...Best is a gamble....the Lions don't have a good O-line and if Best does't improve his blocking, someone else will be in there at RB. Too boot, it is contract year for Addai...he will have a lot to play for. As for the WR's, yes the Vincent Jackson situation is not good, for now....but giving him up and the big play threat of Mike Wallace for Crabtree and Walter? No way....like Crabtree, but most of the balls in Houston will be headed Andre Johnson's and Owen Daniel's way. Avoid this trade....

    • I wouldn't.
      Addai is still the guy in Indy, Wallace continues to put up points, VJ-who knows, who cares.

      Will Best give better numbers than Addai right now? Doubtful.
      Will Crabtree give better numbers than Wallace? Maybe, but I am thinking they will be pretty even. Kevin Walter did NOTHING last year, so why would this year be any different?

    • thats tough but i say go for it...best coud be in for a big year if the carries come his way and addaii can be frustrating to own, and u would be getting some value for jackson who probly wont amount to much of anything this year


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