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  • ABCD ABCD Aug 24, 2010 6:21 PM Flag

    any questions answered here

    hey fantasy football owners no matter what your problem is i will answer as soon as i can becuz i am on very often so ask away thank u!

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    • i give derrick mason and jermicheal finley (i got witten)
      i get boldin and a low tier player

      ppr league

    • Last night in a 10 team $200 auction draft I did some serious drafting. We play with QB, RB, RB, WR/TE, WR/TE, WR/TE, D, K.
      The QBs get 6 pts per passing TD and everything else is standard.

      I drafted:
      QB Peyton Manning 35
      RB Chris Johnson 60
      RB Ahmad Bradshaw 16
      WR/TE Miles Austin 34
      WR/TE Steve Smith 17
      WR/TE Jason Witten 5
      D/ST 49ers D/ST 1
      K Garrett Hartley 2
      BE Darren McFadden 1
      BE Clinton Portis 10
      BE Tony Gonzalez 2
      BE Marion Barber 2
      BE Donald Driver 7
      BE Derrick Mason 2

      McFadden was an error after beer #5! Either way I want to get stronger at RB and lose some depth at WR/TE. Today I propose a trade that to my joy/surprise was accepter. Portis and Gonzalez for S. Greene and a no name!

      Also Jahvid Best went for only $7 in this draft and I'm trying to make a trade straight up for either Witten or Driver.

      Here's my line-up if this happens:

      Driver or Witten/Mason
      2 slots for FA (Royal, Massaquoi, Z. Miller, Tate

    • Michael Crabtree/Tony Gonzalez side A


      Roddy White/Felix Jones side B

      who wins

    • AP or R Rice in a 0.5 ppr league. thanks

    • I have the second pick in a 12-team PPR league. Assuming CJ goes first, who do you like among Peterson, MJD and Ray Rice in PPR format?

      Conventional Wisdom says take AP but I am leaning toward taking Rice because of his pass-catching in PPR format. Any thoughts?

    • I was offered a trade for Randy Moss and I am unsure if I should do it.

      I get Randy Moss
      I lose Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant, Michael Bush

      Should I accept the trade?

      My Team (currently)

      QB Kevin Kolb
      WR Greg Jennings
      WR Michael Crabtree
      WR Percy Harvin
      RB Michael Turner
      RB Ryan Matthews
      TE Heath Miller
      W/R Beanie Wells
      DEF Saints
      BN Dez Bryant
      BN Julian Edelman
      BN Marion Barber
      BN Michael Bush

      His (currently)

      QB Eli Manning
      WR Randy Moss
      WR Roddy White
      WR Mario Manningham
      RB Ray Rice
      RB Matt Forte
      TE Antino Gates
      W/R Steve Slaton
      DEF Steelers
      BN Justin Forsett
      BN Alex Smith
      BN Eddie Royal
      BN Jabar Gaffney

    • I would like to propose a trade for Matt Forte and I was wondering who I should offer for him.

      In a 12 team keeper league

      I have
      QB- Kolb and Stafford
      WR- Marshall, D. Jackson, Nicks, Knox, Evans, Driver, & Murphy
      RB- Gore, Wells, Hardesty, D. Brown
      TE- Shiancoe and Gresham

      I feel like I am weak at the RB and that is why I am targeting Forte.
      It is an incredibly deep league and the scraps on the wavier wire are not even worth it. Thanks for the help!

    • If you had Sidney Rice would you trade DeAngelo Williams WR Car and Jerricho Cotchery WR NYJ for Steve Smith WR NYG and Justin Forsett RB SEA

    • I agree drop lindell (k) who should I pick up Fan pts is confusing me.

      janikowski oak
      reed pit
      carpenter mia
      feely ari

      I was thinking janikowski or feely thanks

    • I'd thought I'd move the whole discussion forward to avoid having to go back and search after refreshing.

      ME<<I am a first year Fantasy Football player so forgive this newbie question. My league already had its draft and I noticed that one manager never drafted a defense. It is listed as a roster position for the league. So here is my question; do you have to draft all roster positions? >>

      YOU<<sorry i didnt answer rite away well i dont think u have to but u really should becuz it gives u points>>

      ME<<So that defense spot can't be filled with another position and either remains empty or they would have to trade away a player for a defense? The reason I was confused by this is that it was a seasoned FF player who did it and didn't know if this was a strategy?>>

      Here is my 1st ever draft, how'd I do?

      QB: Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb
      RB: Ryan Grant, Pierre Thomas, Carnell Williams & Michael Bush
      WR: Calvin Johnson, P/U Bernard Berrian and dropped Sidney Rice today,Steve Breaston, Robert Meachum & Malcolm Floyd
      TE: Antonio Gates & Heath Miller
      K: Stephen Gostkowski
      DEF: Philladelphia >>

      YOU<<y did u drop rice? >>

      ME<<I dropped Rice because he was going to be out at least half the year due to his hip surgery today and his level of contribution after that is questionable. I thought going with his teammate Berrian who should hopefully get more thrown his way in Rice's abscence. Should I have waited? >>

      YOU<<they mite put him on the ir so u can pick berrian for free>>

      We don't use the IR. Unless your telling me that any league gets the free p/u if one of their players goes on IR (and I really hope you won't tell me that). He's still there so I could go back and reverse it. Besides the Rice thing, all else look ok? And have you heard of someone intentionally not drafting a defense as a strategy. We have the negative points for defensive screw ups, well actually for all mistakes. I just want to make sure he can't slip another RB/WR can't go in that spot somehow.

      Thanks, appreciate all your help. I am 1 of 2 girls in the league so I need to represent. Right now I have to take the puppy out real quick.

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