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  • Bob Bob Aug 23, 2010 1:30 AM Flag

    welker for Smith and V Jack??

    Ok usually I go with the mantra, talent over depth, but am I getting the best player if I do this deal. I get Wes Welker, and give up Steve Smith (Giants) and V jackson.
    total points scored last year in this system
    Welker 183
    Smith 159
    Jackson 167
    I'm just thinking Jackson is talking about being dealt to Seattle which kills his value in a ten team league. And he's on my bench anyways. Might get 5 weeks as my Flex to fill in, but I also have Cribbs who scored 152 and D mason at 140 last year. So Jackson doesn't kill me to trade away. But will Welker outscore Smith?

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    • I would definitely not do this deal. Welker is coming off a serious injury and who knows when he will actually be 100 percent. Welker outscored Smith by 24 or 1.5 pts per game, I don't think that is big enough a deal to trade two for one. Especially with Jackson. Considering Smith is younger and healther, in some leagues you would probably see Smith traded for Welker straight up. To give up the number one giants receiver and the number one san diego receiver to get the number 2 new england receiver who is coming off of injury, just makes no sense.

    • I like Welker over Smith, but how can u be sure that Welker will stay healthy all season and that Brady will throw to him as much as he did last season. I'd say the safe bet is to keep what u have. Note: I'm saying this and have Welker on my team

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      • I know, but Welker has caught all those passes 3 years in a row. He just never scores any TD's. It kinda kills how good he could be. I don't know the thing I see is Smith is improving welker is dropping. That is my biggest question about the deal. I'm trying to get him to take Mason instead of Smith. He seems to be after Jackson the most. I hate the rest of his team or I'd go after someone other than Welker.

    • i'd do it.


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