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    Team Review


    I am playing in a 12 person league with no ppr. The following is the team I drafted (with first pick) and I would like to have opinions on who is solid and who is sketchy. Thanks in advance!
    1. (1) Adrian Peterson RB
    2. (24) Roddy White WR
    3. (25) Tom Brady QB
    4. (48) Matt Forte RB
    5. (49) Steve Smith WR
    6. (72) Steve Breaston WR
    7. (73) Minnesota DEF
    8. (96) Chris Cooley TE
    9. (97) Chris Chambers WR
    10. (120) Matt Ryan QB
    11. (121) Steve Slaton RB
    12. (144) Josh Scobee K
    13. (145) Indianapolis DEF
    14. (168) Joshua Cribbs WR
    15. (169) Jerome Harrison RB
    16. (192) Jermaine Gresham TE
    17. (193) Chansi Stuckey WR

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    • QB: Brady
      RB: Peterson, Forte
      WR: White, Smith(which one?), Breaston
      TE: Cooley
      TE/WR: Chambers
      DEF: Min
      K: Scobee

      QB: Ryan
      RB: Slaton, Harrison
      WR: Cribbs, Stuckey
      TE: Gresham
      DEF: Indianapolis

      QB average and you don't need a backup as good as Ryan you could have wait because Ryan will never start over Brady.
      RB average at best, obviously you have a great number 1, but you have the worst number 2, a below average number 3, and above average number 4.
      WR's below average. White is below average for number 1, either Smith is above for number 2, Breaston is a bad number 3 and Chambers is a bad number 4. Cribbs and Stuckey are not very good either.

      TE below average Cooley and Gresham enough said
      DEF great
      K Scobee, Jacksonville's kicker belongs on the wire, you only got one and you took him.

      So your defense and K cancel each other out.
      you are average at QB and RB
      below average at WR and TE

      I will give you a 3.5 considering 5 is average.

      Basically you took Forte way too early, took Breaston way too early, took Cooley too early, Chambers too early, Scobee shouldn't have been drafted, don't know why you have a backup D, Minnesota is a top 5 D it would surprise me if Indianapolis plays.

      You made alot of mistakes, but Brady was number 1 a couple of years ago, so if he can be number 1 again and Forte can also turn back the clock and become a top 15 back again along with Gresham breaking out and you finding a kicker you got a shot, but that is alot to ask.

      To explain what I mean when I call Tom Brady average, he is an average fantasy starter. I personally believe he is the 6th best fantasy QB this year, which means in a 12 person league he is average, technically a little above. Same goes for other position Roddy White is a great WR, but since he is not in the top 6 and is your number one he is below average in comparison to your opponents.

    • In addition, our league is playing with 1 QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1 TE/WR, 1 team DEF, and 1 kicker.


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