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    Need Help, from Experienced owners only - Best Available player?

    I have 1 roster spot open and I am trying to decide if I should pick a good backup or starter. Please help me determine who is the best FA to fit my need, and what is my need?

    Who I'm Considering:
    rb: J. Norwood(Turners' bk-up)/ j. ringer(CJ)/ r. Jennings(MDJ)/ B. Tate
    wr: l. Nanee/ S. Stroughter/ B. Hartline/ GB's Nelson or Jones
    qb: M. Vick/ S. Wallace
    te: B. Scaife/ D. Thomas (shockey's bbk-up)/ M. McMicheal (gate's bk-up)

    My Starters:
    QB1&2: Schaub & Culter
    WR1&2: Andre J. & Marshall
    RB1&2: P. Thomas & Ricky Williams
    TE1&2: Gresham & B. Patrick
    WR/RB 1& 2: T. Hightower & A. Bradshaw
    QB: freeman
    wr: J. Edelman/ b. edwards/ s. breaston/ M. Manningham
    rb: L. Maroney/ D. McCluster

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    • I would say Nanee for WR, and Norwood for RB... its close though.... between norwood and Ringer. Ringer is still unproven, which is why i pick Norwood. Norwood is in a bad situation however, having to compete with Snelling. Tate will be out 8-12 weeks, so no on him.

    • must be a really deep league, It is hard to tell what you need because I don't know how big your league is, your team doesn't look very good to me, this must be a league of 16 or bigger. Norwood is still hurt, he was supposed to compete for the backup job, but right now he can't compete. Ringer is supposed to get White's carries from last year, Jennings never plays and Tate is out for the year, so rb wise it is Ringer. WR wise, Jones in my opinion is the only one with a real chance to break out, but Naanee is starting and Jackson may hold out. I lean towards Jones but also see the upside or Naanee, the other WR's are on run heavy teams. QB: I don't see Vick putting up enough to ever unseat your other QB's and S. Wallace will not unseat Hasselbeck, there are other QB's with a better chance to unseat a starter, but i couldn't see you starting them over the three you already have. TE, I think Scaife should definitely be picked up instead of B. Patrick, Scaife averaged 3 catches a year last year and Patrick only averaged one, you must have your reasons but I say definitely sign Scaife. You actually have no one on your squad worse than the guys on the wire except the TE move. I would try trading Braylon Edwards for a better TE. I think proportionately you really don't need to do anything. You have 3 QB's, 6 RB's, 6 WR's, and 2 TE's.

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      • wallace is a brown now. So yeah he would have trouble taking Hasselback's job. Jones won't start. I'm a HUGE Packer fan, and without an injury he may not even be the 3rd WR. Driver just got a new contract, so he's not going anywhere, at least this year. Jones and Nelson are called 3A and 3B by their coaches. Which means both will be in the 500 yard range at best. Actually Donald Lee is a better pickup than either of those two. Why you may ask? Well Finley was in tight 80% of the time last year when playing, and 20 % split out. They are going to reverse that this year. Thus making Finley the 3rd WR in most of their sets. They will still go 2 TE, because Lee can motion into FB spot. So in your redzone package you will see Grant, Jennings, Driver, Finley and Lee as the skill players. That means defenses will leave Lee alone for a lot of cheap TD's. I'd predict 8.

    • Tate got hurt yesterday, so stay away from him. Do you get return points? if so Jordy Nelson. If not a flier is McClain from Baltimore. The talk is they are trying to deal Willis for a CB. So that makes McClain the TD threat McGahee was last year.

    • Pick up Brian Westbrook. He signs tomorrow. St. Louis is my guess, but I'd love to see him in Houston.


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