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  • CJ CJ Aug 14, 2010 11:59 PM Flag

    Andre Johnson = Bad

    He's actually on the right track here. If you are selecting 5 or 6, you're looking at Johnson. I'm taking Gore considering the 49er's are facing one of the easiest schedules.

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    • 5 or 6 is too early for Andre, you should be taking one of these rb's maybe even Rodgers or Brees,but not Johnson. Johnson is consistent but so are Moss and Wayne, you might not believe this but Moss was first in Fantasy WR's two years ago and second in fantasy last year, that is pretty consistent, the drop off in RB is more dramatic than the drop off in WR. I was in a draft this year and a Pats fan took Brady 5th it was only a ten man league, he could have wait till Rd 2 at least and probably RD 3.


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      • Pretty stupid post DA. We are talking where a guy should be drafted, you pulled out ap, cj, ray ray, and mjd for possible guys in the 5th or 6th spot. I think this guy knows to grab them if they fall to him in the fifth or sixth spot. Do you think you are a fantasy expert because you draft with noobs? None of these guys will be available in the 5th spot unless you are drafting with complete morons. Fifth spot goes Gore obviously due to the weak schedule, improved offensive line, and improved passing game. I've seen your posts every once in a while and I am not impressed. Heard you talking lower on Rice due to Boldin coming to Baltimore. Amatuer look on this situation as Boldin will force focus away from the run drawing more room for Ray Ray. Sry buddy u aren't as smart as u think u r.

      • I'd take Andre sixth overall in a ppr for sure. Some of these guys say that you shouldn't take Andre because every year a new wideout breaks out. I argue, why not take a very consistent player, who is very durable, and is at the top of his position. Sure he could fall down from his status as the first wideout off the board. That doesn't matter as in any position that is usually the case. I doubt Chris Johnson will be the #1 guy. Aaron Rodgers may not be as well. All we are is trying to make our best educated guesses on players and if we land a top five player instead of the number one guy at the position, what is so bad about that?

    • So are you trying to say that I did bad in my draft cuz I picked Andre Johnson at the 7th pick in the first round. I mean don't get me wrong I get wrong your saying. It seems to change every year on who the top wideout is, I'm mean you always have your top 5 guys that people throw around to rank but there is always one who stands out just like every position. So yea I understand but when you think about it there should only be guy you take in the first round for WR and that's Andre, if you're in an 8 or 10 team league. Anything higher than I can see Calvin Johnson and Wayne and Moss and Fitz. I'm just saying that I'm in an 8 team league and picked Andre and then still managed to get a top RB like Steven Jackson in round 2. I ended up getting Jackson, Charles, Best, Forsett and Bradshaw for RB. I got a good solid 3 starters in my lineup and 2 backups who are solid. I'm just saying that you play to win and you win by having good players on your team and you always want to have that #1 stud. Yes you can still have good players on your team while doing it your way, but saying to stay away from Andre Johnson in the 1st round if you have the chance to take him is absolutely dumb when you can still get top back in the 2nd round or you can always make trades. Andre Johnson is Definately worth taking in the 1st round if you have the chance.


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