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    Sleeper RBs

    I am in a 10 team PPR 6 TD for everything league. I have an idea to load up on elite WRs, grab a upper level QB, and snatch a quality TE. Then try my best to load up on RBs that have the ceiling to be strong RB2. I have tried to do a few mock drafts but I seem clueless as to what RBs to pick up. Please post any sleepers you may have and if you think this idea should go back to the drawing board.

    I will start off-

    Arian Foster- Looked great in camp with the new rookie looking rather average. With a hamstring injury to Tate, Foster seems locked to start... for atleast the start of the year.

    Ahmad Bradshaw- Giants should go back to their usual smash mouth ways, with two healthy backs. Bradshaw outplayed Jacobs all last year (do not have stats but YPC was higher even with 2 injured ankles) and Jacobs just did not come through in a number of goal line situations.

    Good luck to everyone!

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    • Depends on what you mean by "sleeper". I will list a few guys in different categories:

      Low cost good value guys:

      Matt Forte- Given his awful year last year and the fact that the Bears brought in Chester Taylor in the offseason people seem to be worried about Forte. Taylor is old and looked sluggish last year, and with Mike Martz running the offense teams are going to be playing the pass, opening up lanes for Forte.

      Felix Jones- Snagging the main RB job away from Marion Barber is going to pay off in droves for Jones. He can be injury prone, but if he can stay durable this year he will have a monster season. He is explosive, can go the distance from anywhere on the field, and has a strong Cowboys offense around him.

      True DEEP Sleeper RBs for later rounds:

      Ryan Torain - Mike Shanahan brought Torain with him to Washington because he loves this kid. When he signed him as an undrafted free agent in Denver Shanny said that Torain resembled Terrell Davis in training camp, unfortunately he got hurt that year and never got a chance to shine. I feel like he will get an opportunity this year, he has already beaten out Willie Parker on the depth chart, and Portis and LJ are both old, injury prone, and ineffective.

      Monatario Hardesty - With everyone tabbing Jerome Harrison as a potential sleeper guy Hardessty is actually the guy to take a good look at. He is built more like a feature back, and at the very least will get the goal line work. He also ran with the first team in OTAs before he got injured. He is returning next week and by the time the season starts he is going to be the starter and get the goaline work while the undersized speedy Harrison will be brought in to provide the home run threat on 3rd down.

      Donald Brown - Indi drafted him last year so high for a reason, he is the future. They are going to get him on the field more this year and see what he can do, Addai's days in Indi are numbered and this is the year to draft Brown as a sleeper guy before others figure it out.

      Guys to get in case on injury:

      Bernard Scott - Cedric Benson is a possible one year wonder guy, he has been a bust his entire career. Furthermore, he seems to always have health issues, so Scott is a good guy to target in late rounds.

      Brandon Jackson - The guy was drafted years ago to be the future RB in GB, but unfortunately for him Ryan Grant stepped up. For some reason I just feel like Grant is a big injury risk, and B-Jax is a guy to take a low risk shot on.

      Just some guys on my radar, I hope this helps.

    • I wouldn't expect any running back in Seattle, Houston, or Washington to produce strong fantasy numbers. I'd keep an eye on the situation and see if anything develops, but nobody in this group appears to have any high ceiling potential.

      Players I do like are:

      Bush/McFadden - I expect one of these guys to be a strong fantasy guys this year. I like Bush more, but I'll watch McF closely to see if anything changes,

      Jackson/Spiller - Buffalo is a one RB type of team and Fred Jackson is the guy I was targeting. But a preseason injury may open the door for 1st round star Spiller to strut his stuff. Another situation to keep an eye on.

      I like Harrison, Maroney, and Bradshaw as solid producers that have good draft value.

      Mike Bell is my deep sleeper. Nothing about McCoy impresses me and Bell is a fast little power runner. I also like Snelling. He inherits a good situation if Turner goes down.

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      • hey dan...agree on the spiller thing. we've already drafted and a manager dropped spiller an hour before last night's game and picked up fred jackson....need i say more? lol i have the number one waiver pick...and now, c.j. is mine. what's even better, i had dropped c.j. a couple of days ago because i felt that a long as fred was in the picture...c.j. had little chance of making an impact (at least for a while). occassionally...we all get a little lucky!

    • amen to everything you said, its seems you have it.

      I also like Forsett, Jerome Herrison, and Bernard Scott (later rounds)

    • Bradshaw and Foster are not really true "sleepers". a sleeper is a player that far exceeds expectations...and no one doubtgs that Bradshaw is a proven talent or that he's likely to out produce Jacobs. Foster isn't a sleeper...he's a gamble. Kubiak won't be the guy in charge of deciding which RBS he'll play musical chairs with this season, he's handed that duty over to his OC...so at least, if Foster starts and has one bad play...most likely he's not going to see the bench for the rest of the game. he is the starter...but there will be a definite time share...with the consensus that eventually, Tate will take over - thus the gamble. i think Maroney somewhat fits the description of a sleeper. looked good against the Saints w/ 2 TDs. Hardesty at Cleveland. Justin Forsett @ Seattle. Buckhalter at Denver...even if Moreno recovers early from his hamstring injury, Bush at Oakland may have a better year than anyone mentioned thus far.


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