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  • Djordje Djordje Aug 9, 2010 8:44 AM Flag

    5 %97+ for 2 %100 - good deal???

    I have very good Y! public draft, but still decide to make giant roster changes with 5-for-2 blockbuster trade where I give my 4 starters (WR-V.Jackson, RB-Grant&Benson, TE-T.Gonzales) and best back-up (QB-McNabb which is actually 92% owned, not %97+ like other 4) for just 2 players, but very elite (Y! 100% owned): TOP5 RB M.Jones-Drew and TOP3 TE A.Gates!

    At other positions I also have some very elite players (QB-D.Brees, WR-A.Johnson&DS.Jackson, DEF-NYJ), so my point with this RB-MJD&TE-AG trade is "no matter how mediocre is rest (3) of my starters or how bad is my bench players - with 6 ALL-STAR level players I'm #1 contender for title". Is this my strategy correct, or my previous "deep roster" combination of 4 ALL-STAR players with very good rest of starters and strong bench line is still better winning formula???

    BTW rest of my team is WR-Breaston, RB-LDT&R.Williams&M.Barber, K-Longwell and DEF-PHI, and 3FA which I will add after "pending trade" ends (currently there is nothing special at our FA list).

    So what do You think about this my deal? Improvement, or I overpaid this two?

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