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    Here to help-seriously-ask away!!

    I think David is trying to deceive people, some of things he says like taking Jamaal Charles 9th overall, or making sure you get two RB's rd1 and 2 and a WR rd 3, just don't make sense to me. You can't be so rigid and Charles is going on average in the 30 in yahoo and in one league I was in he went 50th. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I though know fantasy, it is sad how many hours of my life I waste on this, I alreay bought 3 guides and have reranked all the players at least 10 times in excel. I am hear to help, David I believe is just laughing at you and making things up as he goes along.

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    • my QBs are Favre, Alex Smith, and Stafford. RBs are Gore, Pierre Thomas, Marion Barber and howlands-smith. In my league return yards and return TDs go to the player not the team D.
      another manager has offered me darren sproles for favre straight up. my WRs are not an issue as i have wayne, jennings and ward. do you think the combination of smith and stafford would be enough to carry my team. its a 12 team league so there are not many, if any, quality QBs on the waiver wire. should i make this trade?

    • will calvin johnson end up being a top 5 receiver this year? if not who will be the top 5?

    • In a 18 team league and I have the 16th overall pick, shortly followed by the 21st pick in a snake draft. What players do you think i should target with these picks. I'm thinking i need to draft a top qb win one of the pics than whoever the best available wr/rb is. Any combo suggestions?

    • what do you think. I can keep AP or Ray Rice in a PPR league. Im thinking AP but if Rice has Higher TD numbers this year he probably would be the better option.

    • I would like to know what you guys think on who wins this trade.

      Team A gets: Philip RIvers, Michael Turner

      Team B gets: Aaron Rodgers, Pierre Thomas

      Team B also has Beanie Wells, what would you guys think of the trade if it was Rodgers and Beanie Wells instead of Pierre Thomas. Please leave your opinions. Thanks.

    • My Team before:

      QB Peyton Manning
      WR Greg Jennings
      WR Brandon Marshall
      WR Devin Aromashodu
      RB Steven Jackson
      RB Beanie Wells
      TE Jermichael Finley
      K Rob Bironas
      DEF Dallas

      Trade: I get Rivers, Fitz, Mendenhall OR Greene
      I give P Manning, S Jackson
      Should I accept? Which RB should i take if i were to accept....
      Dez Bryant

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      • I like the deal, but who would you be waiving, because you didn't list your whole bench. I think Mendenhall as a 3 down back versus Greene who will lose some time to LT if definitely the better pick, actually he is basically neck and neck with Jackson. The deal though is very good any time you can give you two starters to get 3 it helps your team overall. I am not a big fan of Aromashadu, I feel like Hester and Knox are more likely to break out than him.

    • some of my draft was auto drafted and they picked kenny britt for me from tenn, should i drop him and pick up mike willams from tb? my other receivers are marshall, jackson, driver, and wallace so its not make or break, but i hear this williams guy has a lot of potential and ive never heard of britt. what do you think?

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      • Britt was a rookie last year and let all Tennessee receivers in yards with around 700, the Tennessee offense is definitely better than the TB, so I wouldn't waive him for Williams. Williams is getting press because he was drafted in the 4th rd and is beating out Benn who was drafted in the second rd. I would definitely rather have Britt, depending on the size of your league and who is available I am okay with the idea of waiving Britt but definitely not for any receiver on TB.

    • Rate my team please...Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      12 team, H2H, Non PPR. Standard Rosters.

      QB: Aaron Rodgers
      WR: Brandon Marshall
      WR: Steve Smith(NYG)
      WR: Donnie Avery
      RB: Adrian Peterson
      RB: Arian Foster
      TE: Vinsanthe Shiancoe
      K: Robbie Gould
      DEF: Baltimore

      QB: Kyle Orton
      WR: Mike Williams(TB)
      WR: Devin Thomas(Was)
      WR: Legedu Naanee
      RB: C.J. Spiller
      TE: Greg Olsen

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      • Drop Orton, with Rodgers, you don't need a backup till his bye which is week 10.

        You obviously need another RB. It is your weakest postion by far, but I do think Foster or Spiller will be a top 25 back. You drafted way too many sleepers at WR. Starting Avery in a 12 person league ugh. Out of Williams, Thomas, and Naanee I can almost guarantee only one of them will be on your team come the end of the season, two of them aren't starters and Williams is the best receivers on TB now he was a 4th rd draft pick. Unfortunately not a good draft, you are only above average at QB, and below average almost everywhere else. I wish I could be more positive but you made alot of reaches especially at WR.

        I would have to give you a 3.5 out of 10, considering 5 is average and think you have 3 great players Marshall, Peterson,
        Rodgers, and not much else, if someone offers you a 2 for 1 deal for Peterson or Rodgers, I would seriously consider taking it. maybe trade Peterson for Boldin and Greene or something like that.

    • Who wins its NOT a ppr league.

      Team A receives
      Steven Jackson,
      Jermichael Finley,
      Santana Moss,

      Team B receieves
      Brandon Jacobs, NYG
      Brandon Marshall, Mia
      Antonio Gates, SD TE

      I am Team A he accepted it
      So my new lineup is

      RB Chris.johnson
      RB Steve. Jackson
      WR Hines Ward
      WR Santana Moss, or Johnny Knox
      TE J. Finley

    • Will Mike Turner get more fantasy poitns then Shonn Greene this year? If so by how many? Or will Greene show up Turner?

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