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  • Tatum Tatum Aug 6, 2010 8:00 PM Flag

    Rate Andre's Johnson

    That's my team name, take a few moments to insult my team and tell me what you think should change.

    10 team h2h IDP

    Team 1
    QB Tony Homo
    WR Andre Johnson
    WR DeSean Jackson
    WR Mike Sims-Walker
    RB Frank Gore
    RB Pierre Thomas
    TE Dallas Clark
    W/R CJ Spiller
    W/R Robert Meachem
    BN Santonio Holmes
    BN Eli Manning
    BN Dexter McCluster
    BN Chris Cooley
    BN Malcolm Floyd

    K Ryan Longwell
    BN Lawrence Tynes

    DB Charles Woodson
    DB Yeremiah Bell
    DL Andre Carter
    DL Justin Smith
    LB DJ Williams
    LB Kirk Morrison

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    • Very good team, championship material actually. Judging by the fact that your draft mates all passed on Gore, you should easily win the league. Like the name, Tony 'Homo' lol. Qb's great; WR's great (could use more reliable depth, but Floyd may be good and McCluster can be played at both RB and WR, and after Holmes gets back, he'll produce, may even consider moving him to flex); RB's are great, but really could use depth (unless McCluster is supposed to be the RB backup, which he could be used as both WR/RB); TE's are excellent; flex positions are good, but not as good as your other positions, which is to be expected with the late round picks at flex (Meachem will not reach the same totals he had last year as far as catch to TD ratios go, and who knows about Spillers amount of carries and how well he holds up behind a horrid line).

      Kickers don't matter, so I don't know why you chose 2. You always, always choose them last round and always always based on matchups/weather. IDP spots are excellent, with the DL spot the only exception, and you make up for that with depth at DL.

      Overall, excellent team. I'd rate you a 9.5. Enjoy the championship trophy at the end of the year!!

    • Sounds like your drafting with a bunch of morons. I like your team. Lose a kicker and add depth at rb. You should be a top contender. Frank Gore in second round is key to your team being No. 1

    • what pick did u have to get a.j and gore?looks good dont need two kicker

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      • The draft was ROYALLY screwed. I had 7 pick

        Round 1
        1. Chris Johnson broads
        2. Drew Brees Winning's a ...
        3. Maurice Jones-Drew OSU FOR LIFE
        4. Adrian Peterson The Brady Bunch
        5. Ray Rice The Bullies
        6. Michael Turner We Are Marshall
        7. Andre Johnson Andre's Johnson
        8. Aaron Rodgers monstarz
        9. Steven Jackson 4th and 69 y...
        10. Larry Fitzgerald The Durham D...
        Round 2
        1. Randy Moss The Durham D...
        2. Peyton Manning 4th and 69 y...
        3. Ryan Mathews monstarz
        4. Frank Gore Andre's Johnson
        5. Rashard Mendenhall We Are Marshall
        6. Reggie Wayne The Bullies
        7. Tom Brady The Brady Bunch
        8. DeAngelo Williams OSU FOR LIFE
        9. Shonn Greene Winning's a ...
        10. Philip Rivers broads

    • I'm sorry I wasn't blessed your age, sir. Though I was blessed with double the intelligence. Stop being a jerkoff.

    • You were taking suggestions and I gave you one. I'm sorry it didn't make you feel all tinkly inside. I'm also sorry you're a moron for participating in your early draft. At least we agree on something.

      I wouldn't be making "live with your mom" jokes MrClassof2011

    • It was a draft i did with some friends. I didn't want to draft this early. Sorry i'm a moron for participating? I was merely taking suggestions. You need to get off your high horse. for some reason being a 38 year old with the name Dan makes you a stud? Get off your ass. i think your mom said the mac and cheese is done.

    • Hey Dan, you are 38 years old. Grow up.....

    • And i have no idea who John is. Quit Fantasizing

    • You made no suggestion or comment about my team. only about the name.. Make like a dead pop star and beat it. i dont need your lack of intelligent input

    • Here is some input for you. If you draft this early, you're a moron. How bout wait until you some preseason games before you start making selections. Anyone that needs "please rate my team" validation has got some self worth issues. Dude, you already picked it, just live with it...who cares what anyone else things.

      If you need other people to pat you on the back, then it's no wonder the girls won't talk to you.

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