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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 5, 2010 7:38 PM Flag

    Andre Johnson trade?

    Ok....maybe youve heard this one before, but I dont buy it. 10 team league and you epect us to believe that either Mendy, Austin or Calvin lasted to the 4th round? If you post some bs like this than please list trades or whatever it is you think you have to do to make this team believable.

    That being said.....Yes Johnson may be a SLIGHT upgrade over Austin (you say its non ppr so that lessens the gap significantly.) but you destroy your backup WR's as neither Meachem (Fantasy stats inflated by 9 tds last year) and Royal (who I like but uhhhh yeah) strike any fear anywhere. Bowe has had an amazing offseason and appears to be on track for a great season so why bother with the trade for what would ammount to maybe a point or two per week increase and lose that on your other starters bye weeks.

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    • all that being said good advice thanks man

    • I drafted rice then mendenhall 2nd round. 3 people took QBs before my pick in the second round. Then i drafted austin in 3rd and benson in the 4th. I ripped a guy and traded benson and TO for calvin johnson. had my eye on welker the whole time and snagged him in the 9th round. Best lasted to round 7 and ronnie brown til 8th. I took rivers fifth and finley 6th. is that okay? Why would I like about a team how ill that help me?


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