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  • DA Botchman DA Botchman Aug 3, 2010 2:14 PM Flag

    Rate my team

    I enjoy ranking other peoples teams, so figured I would see what people thought of mine. 10 team league, non ppr.


    QB Schaub
    RB Rice, Mendenhall
    WR Harvin, Bowe, Garcon
    TE Gates
    K Gould
    D GB


    QB Smith (plays Carolina on Schaub bye week)
    RB Brown, M. Bush, J.Harrison (potentialy 5 starters in a 10 team league.
    WR Houzmanzadeh, Britt

    Unfortunately only 6 bench spots, am attempting to trade a RB for a WR.

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    • given its a ten team league but i have no idea how you managed to land both Rice and Mendenhall without some one taking them before you nice job. thats a good team but i would look to upgrade WR a bit incase Favre does retire for real cause Harvin and Minn will suck without him. answer my post please its titled fair trade?

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      • I went 6th overall and someone who didn't know what they were doing took Brees 4th and then a Pats fan took Brady 5th. So Rice fell to 6th, other RB's, WR's and QB's went and Mendenhall fell to me on the way back which is 15th, I am not as high on mendenhall as most projections are without big ben 6 games and without Holmes this year, I can easily see Pit finishing 8 and 8 and not running the ball a whole lot because they are consistently down.

    • i give it a B- as well. Your starting Rbs are good, and i like Brown. but Jerome Harrison might lose the starting role to Hardesty who supposedly has the upper hand right now to be the starter according to local media. although Bush is slated to be the starter in oakland he cannot be relied on as a "starter". He'll still be in a time share with McFadden. Now as for your receivers, i actually like Bowe more than the other two starters. I think Bowe can be a reliable WR2 this year under Weis with a very favorable schedule. Garcon will be in a battle for a starting spot now that former first rounder Anthony Gonzalez is back. And Harvins value might take a hit if Favre retires although they'll probably still find ways to give him the ball, wether it be in backfield touches or quick slants, you might even get a return TD or two. The rest of your team is very solid. Gates i think might be the best TE in fantasy football this year because he should be relied on heavily this year. Gould should do fine for you and Green Bay lost Jolly and Kampman, but should be fine with another offseason under Dom Capers.

      By the way, i left a message for you on my post. no hard feelings though. ;)

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      • I really don't want to fight daniel, but really no hard feelings. I have arguably the best RB's imaginable for a 10 person league. 5 starters or just look at it this way 5 rb's in the top 30, most teams should only have 3, having 4 is pretty good, having 5 means I have the best RB's in the league. Hardesty only recently signed and personally I believe Cleveland won there last few games of the season because all they did was hand the ball to Harrison, this essentially saved Mangini's job, so I believe at least till it stops working the game plan week 1 and so on will be to just keep running with Harrison, Hardesty may get the goalline carries, but Harrison will be the starter, sure he may lose it, but so may many others throughout the season. Same thing with M. Bush, he clearly outplayed McFadden last year, and now with Russell gone and Fargas gone, it is Bush's job to lose now he may also lose it, but it is his for now. I love Anthony Gonzalez but considering he hasn't played in a while, Garcon is really fast and the Colts play 3 WR's often something tells me one of them will be Garcon and to expect numbers similar to last year. I actually think Harvin's value may increase if Farve retires, only because it will cause them to have to run more trick plays and Harvin is usually in the middle of things like that. I never worry about kickers and usually by the end of the year have waived my defense and picked up one in the top 5. Look at NO, and Cin, these defenses were definitely not drafted last year. RB and QB are the two most important positions as long as Schaub doesn't get hurt, I like my chances.

    • B-
      you are pretty weak with your wr's. carolina is no slouch as a pass defense. i think your starting rb's are excellent. and of course schaub will air it out plenty. good defense as well. just need to tighten up your wr's.

    • it decent.. strong RB and QB.. so so everywhere else

    • I like it. I have same RB in my ten team league but also have austin, calvin johnson, wes welker and bowe at reciever. Ur recievers are a little weak but gates is basically a reciever anyways. I would try to get one more good reciever by trading bench players like ronnie brown


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