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  • zelmo zelmo Aug 1, 2010 1:48 PM Flag

    Draft QB

    I have to get this out of the way but drafting this ealry is risky becaus of injuries. With that out of the way do what you did last year if it worked out. I like Henne later in the draft or even Stafford. Good luck.

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    • Problem with your theory is ANYONE at ANY position could get hurt. Michael Turner went pretty much #3 and #4 last year, and he missed a ton.
      So look at who is left at QB, who they are throwing to, the offense they are in, who they are facing schedule-wise.
      I really think Cassel and Campbell are WAAY under the radar this year. I like Cassel, but I really think he is going to get hurt. Vince Young intrigues me because I can see him running for 10 TD's and passing for 20, but I am just not sold yet.
      A lot of folks are passing on Cutler as well.

      Cassell and Cutler have new OC's that like to pass.

    • I agree you could get stafford in probably the 8th round.

    • Yea, im not too happy about drafting this early either but unfortunately im not running the league. I voiced my opinion and nobody seemed to want to wait. The league i run is drafting August 28th.

      But like i said, last year i didnt plan on it working out that way and i was pretty unhappy with not drafting a mid level QB. I had enough great players to make a trade for a QB but i was lucky enough to pick up Schaub before week 2 and he just exploded last year. I like Henne as well, Palmer as well with his new weapons, and even Kolb if they are gone. Any advice on the round i should be looking to take any of these guys?

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      • I too never draft a QB early. Apart from the top seven, the rest are on the board in the later rounds. I like Matt Ryan and Henne this year. But Eli and Kolb and Cutler and Favre and Flacco will also be there in the later rounds ( at least most of them)
        I like loading up on the skill positions WR, RB and a good TE if possible. So fear not, you will have a decent QB by the end of your draft.

        One other note. If QBs get only 4 points for TDs then the difference between the elite and 2nd tier QBs is not that great ( about 2 points a game between the top and the tenth QB).
        Rodgers outdistanced everybody because he scored 5 rushing TDs, but I don't think he will do that again because of his improved OL..He doesn't have to run as much

        Good luck!

      • I draft QB's late too. I like Henne this year and I'm going to wait til every other team has taken a QB, let one more round pass, and then pick him if it plays out that way.


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