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  • JSayloR7 JSayloR7 Aug 1, 2010 1:33 PM Flag

    Draft QB

    Okay my draft is today, and i dont want to reach for a QB but a lot of the guys in the league usually reach for one with their 2nd pick or even their 1st. There is no way im picking a QB before my 3rd pick so guys like Brady, Manning, Brees, and Rodgers will be gone by the time i get to choose my 3rd pick. So my question is, how should i play this? What Qb should i look to get and what round should i try to take him in? Last year i didnt even draft a QB. I took AP, AJ, Reggie Wayne, Ryan Grant, and Antonio Gates because i couldnt let them fall when they were still on the board. I was VERY lucky though, Flacco went undrafted so i picked him up before game 1. He had an amazing game and then bc someone dropped Matt Schaub after game 1 i picked him up and he did great the rest of the season and i went on to win my league. But i dont expect anything like that to happen this year and i need some advice. Thank you for your help.

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